Pharma Alert Q&A: Viread China’s First Victim of Compulsory Licensing?

Innovative pharmaceuticals take notice. Reuters’ Tan Ee Lyn asserts that China “overhauled parts of its intellectual property laws” to allow generics companies to start exploiting patented medicines cheaply. In other words allowing compulsory licensing. Tan mentioned one medicine for HIV patients as a possible candidate for compulsory licensing.



China is known to be looking at Gilead Sciences Inc’s tenofovir, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation as part of a first-line cocktail treatment for AIDS patients, two
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Why Go Undercover If You Can See Counterfeits in the Bright Light of Guangdong

“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”, as judge Louis D. Brandeis (Supreme Court of the U.S. from 1916-1939) is quoted. But what if some of the government officials in society wear sunglasses?



Last year around this time I went to Dong Men in Shenzhen, which is part of Guangdong Province. And without any problem I could make photos of how an external disk drive became an Apple disk drive, never mind that Apple does not produce any external disk drives, see here. A year later the same phenomenon can be observed in the open.
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Sunday Local Selection: 95.6 mln RMB question, Hebei good/bad/ugly, new BMW product?, Taiwan Straits IP Centre, Nanning achievements, Starve Cancer to Death Medicine

Some local news items of China Intellectual Property 中國知識產權,,,, and China Quality Daily were presented in one article by China Daily about the following locations: Beijing, Hebei, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong. The 95.6 million Renminbi questionThe first item is about subsidies given to 600 companies in Beijing’s technology hub Zhongguancun in the last […]

Is China’s Anti-Monopoly Law Used To Get Hold Of Foreign IP?

Anti-Monopoly Law to level the playing field …or annexing the players?Photo: Danny Friedmann Today, exactly three years ago (2008), China’s Anti-monopoly Law went into effect. Since that time the Ministry of Commerce’s Anti-Monopoly Bureau has approved seven M&As conditionally of which one is most relevant in regard to IP: InBev – Anheuser Busch GM – Delphi Mitsubishi […]

“A new dawn for the China health-care or… Grand theft IP?”

Guest article and picture by Mikołaj Rogowski Back in January, Chinese government announced another one of its subsidies. This time around public health-care is the target and a sum of $128 billion is the weapon. It is no secret that it is another of Beijing’s measures of calming the nation during the year of the […]

First Coordinated EU Customs Campaign Catches 34 Million Counterfeit Medicines

Reuters reports that the customs officials of the 27 EU members worked together to intercept counterfeit antibiotics, anti-cancer, anti-malaria and anti-cholesterol medicines, painkillers and Viagra. “The main countries of origin for the illegal products were China, India and Pakistan, a [European] Commission official said.“ Read the Reuters article here.

Origin Fake Malaria Medicine Traced By Scientific Effort

Every year about 500 million people become ill of malaria. Every year 1 million people die, because of one version of malaria called Plasmodium falciparum. One major problem is that not all malaria medicines are genuine and some have only a low dose of the active ingredient, so that the malaria parasite becomes resistent. Jeremy […]

Preferring Price Discrimination Over Sidestepping Patents?

Andrew Jack of the Financial Times wrote an article about discussions between 500 representatives of government, industry and NGO’s about patents at the World Health Organisation. The article, which is named ‘Pressure over patents forces pharma on to the back foot’ mentions a possible and intriguing solution to tackle the tension between accessibility of medicines […]

TRIPs Amendment; China’s Medicine For A New Pandemic?

It is good to be prepared for the worst. Zhu Zhe of the China Daily reports that last Sunday, during the 30th session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, China’s legislature accepted an amendment to the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) to enhance access to […]