Parasitizing Trademarks of Drugs in China Breeds Resistant Malaria Parasite

World Health Organisation (WHO) officials say that counterfeit drugs and poor storage are endangering the health of millions of people in Asia. Ron Corben wrote for Voice Of Amercia the article WTO Fears Growing Malaria Drug Resistance May Be Spreading (November 28, 2010): “In recent years, authorities cracked down against illegal factories in China. Meanwhile […]

Fake Medicines Advertised on Taiwanese TV, Radio and in Newspapers

Taiwan’s Health Minister Yang Chih-liang warns that the public should not believe TV, radio and newspaper advertisments selling fake pharmaceuticals. Minister Yang called the proliferation of counterfeit drugs more serious than drug trafficking. Read the China Post article here.

AMP: “Economic Crisis Should Make German Government Act More Aggressively Against Counterfeiters”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) interviewed Mr Rüdiger Stihl, chairman of the Aktionskreises gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie (APM). The resulting article at the site of N24 (in German) gives a good overview of the damages that are caused by counterfeit products originating from China (for 75 percent) and Turkey (10 percent) and the measures that APM is […]

First Coordinated EU Customs Campaign Catches 34 Million Counterfeit Medicines

Reuters reports that the customs officials of the 27 EU members worked together to intercept counterfeit antibiotics, anti-cancer, anti-malaria and anti-cholesterol medicines, painkillers and Viagra. “The main countries of origin for the illegal products were China, India and Pakistan, a [European] Commission official said.“ Read the Reuters article here.

Roger Bate determines China’s Lethal Counterfeit Drugs Pattern

Mr Roger Bate, writer of the book “Making a Killing: The Deadly Implications of the Counterfeit Drug Trade (free pdf-version ),” wrote an article for the Far Eastern Economic Review that gives a good overview of China’s counterfeit drug problems. Mr Bate notices that China’s food scandals follow a lethal pattern: “Someone cuts a corner […]

China’s Efforts Against Counterfeit Products That Kill

Feng Tao of Xinhua reports the item communicated by the Ministry of Public Security that the PSB dealt with 4,600 cases of counterfeit and inferior products between January and November 2006. Police arrested more than 5,000 people. The question unanswered in this article is how many of them got prosecuted, and of those, how many […]

Novartis’ Optimistic About IPR in China

Contrary to other pharmaceutical giants Novartis is setting up a research centre in Shanghai, which is a relatively expensive location. Novartis wants to cater to globetrotting scientist, tap the ideas of the local universities and study typical Chinese reactions to some diseases. The Economist of 11th-17th November wrote: “What about concerns over intellectual property? Conditions […]