Civil IP litigation statistics in China

China is famous for its enthusiastic production of statistics and IP is no exception. Chinese civil court IP cases are often touted as evidence of the growing sophistication of the Chinese IP legal system. Below are some published numbers for civil IP cases: Year – No. of IP cases2006 – 16,7082007 – 20,2652008 – 28,2172009 […]

Parasitizing Trademarks of Drugs in China Breeds Resistant Malaria Parasite

World Health Organisation (WHO) officials say that counterfeit drugs and poor storage are endangering the health of millions of people in Asia. Ron Corben wrote for Voice Of Amercia the article WTO Fears Growing Malaria Drug Resistance May Be Spreading (November 28, 2010): “In recent years, authorities cracked down against illegal factories in China. Meanwhile […]

EU Internal Market Commissioner: Anti-counterfeiting and -piracy Solutions To Be Found In Public-private Cooperation

On a 13 May commission-sponsored high level conference, the Internal Market Commissioner Mr Charlie McCreevy stressed that regulation is not the only answer to fight counterfeiting and piracy, but that the private sector itself is best placed to lead the battle against the fakes. Tomorrow exactly two years ago, when Mr McGreevy visited China to […]

China Bad News For Thailand’s Counterfeit Manufacturers

Jeffrey Sheban wrote another insightful article about the counterfeiting industry, entitled ‘Thailand’s counterfeit pipeline’ for the Columbus Dispatch. Don’t worry, IP Dragon has not lost its focus on IP in China. Mr Sheban observed that Thailand is the hub for Chinese counterfeit products. Rusty Lerner, who runs Quantico Ltd., one of the largest private investigation […]