Did BAIC Know It Was Joyriding With Ford’s Trade Secrets?

8 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1000th article November 17, 2010 Xiang Dong Yu, an automobile engineer who worked for Ford Motor Corporation from 1997-2007, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft of trade secrets, as was announced by the Department of Justice of the Eastern District of Michigan. Between […]

Chinese Counterfeit Cisco Products Because of Profit Seeking Or State Sponsored Cyber Terrorism?

After ‘Cisco Raider/Operation Network Raider‘ about counterfeit Cisco Systems router products which originate from China, Professor Peter Navarro poses the question whether the intention was only profit seeking by unscrupulous Chinese counterfeiters, or whether these products are trojan horses that are designed to make the US defense more vulnerable to state sponsored cyberterrorism. Professor Navarro […]

IPR Challenges in Geely-Ford Talks About Volvo

Keith Naughton and Cathy Chan wrote about the effort of Geely to buy Volvo of Ford jeopardized because of intellectual property rights related challenges, read the Reuters article here. The struggle about IPRs comes in the wake of “the FBI’s Oct. 14 arrest of former Ford engineer Xiang Dong Yu, 47, who was charged with […]

USTR in 2008 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance: Still Not Satisfied After All These Years

One of the priority issues in the 115 page 2008 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance, released by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in December is, unsurprisingly, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in China. Below you will find a selection of the USTR report which shows where China has room […]

“Unprecedented” China-FBI Crackdown On Software Piracy

In a press release, J. Stephen Tidwell, assistent director of the Los Angeles Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), informs the public about a joint crackdown on manufacturers of software piracy in Shanghai, Shenzhen and distributors in the US by China’s Ministry of Public Security, the Los Angeles Federal Bureau of Investigation and a liaison office […]