Chinese Car Wars

Carmaker Land Rover (which India’s Tata acquired from Ford) is suing Chinese carmaker Geely of Hangzhou (which acquired Volvo from Ford) for registering its Chinese characters “Lu Hu” in China. Land Rover says it used the characters for its “Land Rover” brand since the early 1990s. In 1999 Geely registered the “Lu Hu” trademark knowing […]

IPR Challenges in Geely-Ford Talks About Volvo

Keith Naughton and Cathy Chan wrote about the effort of Geely to buy Volvo of Ford jeopardized because of intellectual property rights related challenges, read the Reuters article here. The struggle about IPRs comes in the wake of “the FBI’s Oct. 14 arrest of former Ford engineer Xiang Dong Yu, 47, who was charged with […]