Exxon Mobil Wins 500,000 RMB Because of Trademark Infringement

Parties: Plaintiff Exxon Mobil; defendants: American Mobil International Petroleum Group and Xi’an Yanqing Technology Development Co. Dispute: “defendants registered web addresses that included the Chinese characters for ‘Mobil’.” Probably with this is meant the characters 美孚 (mei3 = good, beautiful; fu2 = confidence, trust) and not the Chinese characters that translate mobil, because this word […]

Prosaic End of Poetic SMS Copyright Infringement Case

September 13, the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court ruled that internet portal Sohu.com should pay writer Mr Fu Zhanbei 100,000 yuan (US $ 13,000) and a public apology, for infringing upon Mr Fu’s copyright by selling his poetic work without permission via SMS texts. According to NewsMax, this is the first time an infringer, […]

MPAA Victorious Against Shanghai Leying; So Far Damages Have Been Peanuts

So far three out of the seven American film production companies won in piracy cases in Shanghai, March 7, 2007. The Chinese Law Digest found this story in the Shanghai Youth Daily (Chinese): “Initiated by the Motion Picture Association of America, seven American film production companies, including Warner Bros. sued Shanghai Leying Audio and Video […]