Giving Away Music For Free to Destroy Copyright Piracy: Operation Success, Patient Dead?

Google is trying to get a bit closer to Baidu, the number one search engine in China. Therefore it is offering the users of free music downloads. It is legal, because all copyright holders have given permission. Murad Ahmed of the Times Online wrote: “The service is supported by 140 record labels, including the […]

In South Korea Warner Bros First Releases Movies Online, Then Launches DVDs, China Could Be Next

In April 2006 IP Dragon blogged about Warner Brothers dropping its price substantially as a new business strategy in China, read more here. Now it is experimenting in South Korea with releasing movies online first and then launching the sale of DVDs. China could be next. Mr Jacqui Cheng of Ars Technica wrote an article […]

MPAA Victorious Against Shanghai Leying; So Far Damages Have Been Peanuts

So far three out of the seven American film production companies won in piracy cases in Shanghai, March 7, 2007. The Chinese Law Digest found this story in the Shanghai Youth Daily (Chinese): “Initiated by the Motion Picture Association of America, seven American film production companies, including Warner Bros. sued Shanghai Leying Audio and Video […]

Alternative Business Models Emerge In Times of Pessimism About a Solution Against Copyright Piracy in China

That copyright piracy in China is a serious problem is confirmed by the article in China Daily. The General Administration of Press and Publication announced that 120 million audio and video products and 500 million unauthorized books a year were pirated. Read the China Daily here. Eric Priest a research fellow of the Berkman Center […]

Alibaba Sued By Music Companies Over Yahoo! China’s Alleged Copyright Infringements

Li Xinran of the Shanghai Daily reports about Alibaba, operator of Yahoo China (in 2005 Alibaba bought Yahoo! China, then Yahoo! bought 40 percent of Alibaba) , who has been sued by eleven music companies, because Yahoo! China allegedly provided lyrics, mobile phone ring tones based on the songs and enticed users to download or […]