Hong Kong’s parody on democracy? First pass bill, then consult public on Parody Exception

Some principled linearity please   Democracies’ very right to exist depends on the support the government is getting from its population. Hong Kong’s democracy might be in its infancy, but the government of the Special Administrative Region should know that passing the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 without an explicit parody exception and only after that fact consult […]

Toyota on a Chain: Creatively Challenged Art or Parody?

Last year’s Hong Kong International Art Fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre included the “Toyota Chain”, by Thomas Hirschhorn, which, was exactly that. Mr Hirschhorn, a Swiss artist, made the piece in 2002, and so far, nobody wants to buy it. To magnify an existent trademarked logo, without authorisation by the trademark […]

Trademark/Copyright Use or Abuse: Coca-Cola in Hong Kong

Do you think this use of the trademark should be allowed. “Immoral to drink sweat and blood. Coca-Cola.” Photo taken from the wall at Franklin Centre at CUHK Campus in Shatin, Hong Kong. It is in protest against alleged bad labour conditions at the Coca-Cola plant. One could argue that the copyright (moral right of […]

Does China’s Copyright Law Has A Sense Of Humour?

Tavis Coburn created in 2007 “Mao Jordon”, using Mao holding a Nike Air in his hand and wearing a hair band with swoosh, a registered trademark of Nike. The artist provokes a lot of questions with a limited edition of 100 prints. Besides whether Mr Coburn’s work would be censored in China, would it be […]