Hong Kong’s parody on democracy? First pass bill, then consult public on Parody Exception

Some principled linearity please   Democracies’ very right to exist depends on the support the government is getting from its population. Hong Kong’s democracy might be in its infancy, but the government of the Special Administrative Region should know that passing the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 without an explicit parody exception and only after that fact consult […]

Open Letter to the UN Special Rapporteur: Nothing Wrong With Graduated Response

Dear Mr Frank La Rue, With interest I have read your report (May 16, 2011) for the Human Rights Council on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and the concern you have for the graduated response. I was unpleasantly surprised by the uncritical reception of the document in the media. […]

Is Hong Kong’s Copyright Stopping the Publication of Li Peng’s Historic Significant Diary?

Benjamin Kam Lim reports for Reuters that the diary of Li Peng that describes Li’s version of what happened during the events that lead up to the June 3, 1989 massacre, that Hong Kong publisher New Centuty Press was going publish this June 22, will be halted, because the copyright holder allegedly is banning it. […]