Fangchenggang Fairytale: How a Magic Mercedes-Benz Became A Humble Honda

Adam Smith dedicated his World Trademark Review blog about a Mercedes-Benz police car with a Honda logo. The local Fangchenggang police force (in Guanxi province) thought that they could fool taxpayers into believing that they did not spent too much money on a police car. Read here. I think everybody understands that the police needs […]

Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition Makes Itself Heard Against Beijing Infringers

IP Dragon welcomes a new organisation that will fight the manufacturers of and traders in counterfeit guitars. The Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (EGACC), founded by four guitar manufacturers; Ibanez, Gretsch, Fender and Paul Reed Smith, in March 2008 and will lobby government authorities to enforce their intellectual property laws better against counterfeiting. Gear-Vault broke the […]

Jail Time For Exporters Of Phones That Are Genuine Inside, Counterfeited Outside

Interfax China reports about four people that were found guilty in October by a people’s court in Guangzhou of infringing trademark rights because they were exporting counterfeit phones. Zhang and Xu were sentenced to nine months and two persons both named Lin were sentenced eight months in prison The inside of the phones consisted out […]