Directly After China Comes Germany As the Country of Origin of Most Copycats Found on German Market in Capital Goods Industry

EBM Papst Group, producer of energy-saving fans and motors has set up an assembly line in Shanghai. They have invested 8 million U.S. dollars in their activities in China, trying to stay ahead of the competition and preventing IPR infringements. Hans-Jochen Belike, general manager of EBM Papst has experienced infringed ventilators in China and Germany, […]

Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition Makes Itself Heard Against Beijing Infringers

IP Dragon welcomes a new organisation that will fight the manufacturers of and traders in counterfeit guitars. The Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (EGACC), founded by four guitar manufacturers; Ibanez, Gretsch, Fender and Paul Reed Smith, in March 2008 and will lobby government authorities to enforce their intellectual property laws better against counterfeiting. Gear-Vault broke the […]

“Eli Lilly Lobbies on Counterfeiting And Regulatory Issues Involving China”

Eli Lilly, a US drugmaker, lobbied for 3.3 million dollar in the third quarter of 2008 on issues, which include counterfeiting problems and regulatory reform in China, according to the Associated Press. Read the AP article via the site of Forbes here.