An Audi logo with 5 circles: an extra wheel on the car or IP infringement?

China Daily reports on a car dealer in Binzhou in Shandong province which is offering imitations of well-known trademarked automobiles such as Audi, Jixiangjinma and BMW. These electric knock-offs are priced at 20,000 yuan, are powered by small batteries and can not go faster than 26 km/h. Hat tip to China Lawyer Edward Lehman of Lehman, […]

Directly After China Comes Germany As the Country of Origin of Most Copycats Found on German Market in Capital Goods Industry

EBM Papst Group, producer of energy-saving fans and motors has set up an assembly line in Shanghai. They have invested 8 million U.S. dollars in their activities in China, trying to stay ahead of the competition and preventing IPR infringements. Hans-Jochen Belike, general manager of EBM Papst has experienced infringed ventilators in China and Germany, […]

Independent Creation Valid Defense Against Copyright Infringement

Jonathan Mak, design student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design said that he did not rip-off the idea for the Apple tribute in which you can distinguish the silhouette of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Invisible Gold in Asia Facebook Page (set up by author of the book with the same name Professor David […]

Trademark Logo Goes Up in Smoke To Save Australians? Let’s Check The HK-Australian Bilateral Investment Treaty

How to warn peopleagainst blindness who cannot do not want to see? Cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris was not amused when Australia announced last November 2010 that it would prohibit brand logos on cigarette packets, to prevent exposure to children that might be lured to the flames of eternal damnation. Smoking kills 15,000 deaths in Australia each year. According to the […]

Siren Got Rid of the Letters “Starbucks”

Starbucks revised its logo for the fourth time (1971, 1987, 1992 and now in 2001), see overview here.It was announced already January 5, 2011 by senior creative manager Mike P. here. Logo change announced on Hong Kong TV on the MTRPhoto: Danny Friedmann However, only May 27, 2011 the new logo was introduced in Hong Kong […]

Welsh Dragon Copied Hong Kong Dragon?

The logo of Sport Wales is very similar to the controversial Hong Kong’s redesigned city brand. Only the Welsh dragon’s tongue sticks out and Hong Kong has longer ribbons. It cost 9 million HK dollar to develop the brand. And 1.4 million HK dollar to redesign the brand. The three ribbons were added. Blue ribbon: […]

Reality Imitates Fiction: China National Space Administration Logo: Half Star Trek, And Other Half …Star Trek

Professor Susan Scafidi, the authoriy on Fashion Law (Fashion and Intellectual Property Law), author of ‘Who Owns Culture?‘ and Counterfeit Chic sent me a great link: ‘China Bootlegs Star Trek for Its Space Program‘ on Cool Aggregator, a site about pop-culture and strange news maintained by Valerie D’Orazio.  Reality Imitates Fiction It is understandable that […]

Shuanghuan, Not Known For It’s Originality, Has A Very Similar Logo To Ssangyong’s Old Logo

Dram Man, a blogging American IP lawyer in South Korea pointed out in a comment on the Noble versus Smart story that the Shuanghuan logo is very similar to that of the former Korean automobile manufacturer Ssangyong Motor Company, which is now owned for 51 percent by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Thanks Dram Man. Logo […]

Should Trademark Law Have a Sense of Humour?

The prolific Dutch journalist Fons Tuinstra of the China Herald reports about the Greenpeace campaign at his local Shanghai subway station to mashup corporate logos to put the environment on people’s agenda. Is it satire or plain trademark infringement? Part I here, and part II here. To my knowledge the Trademark Law does not give […]