Siren Got Rid of the Letters “Starbucks”

Starbucks revised its logo for the fourth time (1971, 1987, 1992 and now in 2001), see overview here.It was announced already January 5, 2011 by senior creative manager Mike P. here. Logo change announced on Hong Kong TV on the MTRPhoto: Danny Friedmann However, only May 27, 2011 the new logo was introduced in Hong Kong […]

Chinese Coffee Cats, Obscene Brand “Star Tuuuut” and the Difference Between B and F

Do you remember the Starbucks versus Xingbake case? See here. But there are many more coffee(copy)cats in China, see here. Confusion between the Starbucks and Star tuuuut might has a lot to do with culture or rather language. Confusion might not be so big in Western countries (although it was about the tort: passing-off and […]

No, I Don’t Believe the Starbucks’ counsel Who Said: “Chinese Customers Refill Cup With Coffee From Other Brands”

Mark Aoki-Fordham, director and corporate counsel at Starbucks Coffee Company said something … well outlandish: “We are still trying to educate Chinese customers about why our coffee is a good beverage to drink at all times of day — and we’ve found that they are not the most loyal,” Aoki-Fordham noted. “They love our brand; […]

Starbucks Is Coming From Venus, Copycats from St. Mars

Jamon Yerger is founder of Southern Perspective Shenzhen (“China Law Reference, doing it right the first time”), a consulting company in the bustling city of Shenzhen that provides advice on a range of business functions; the majority of which deal with manufacturing in China and legal protection for foreign companies engaged in supply chain activities. […]

IP Dragon Weekend Game: Dyslectic Or Counterfeit

Ms Hannah Wood has an intriguing article about names very similar to famous ones in China. See Ms Wood’s article with pictures, here. Can you guess which are the original brands? The answer can be found by clicking on the links. Pizza Huh Bucksstar coffee o Mc McDnoald’s Dama Adidos Farrari KLC Lexus = Lexus, […]