IKEA Drama: Second Tier Cities Cannot Wait For Well Known Brands: Enter The Copycat

When I visited friends in several countries, including China and the special administrative region of Hong Kong, I was overtaken by a sense of déjà vu. Their chairs, tables, book shelves, all breathed a sense of Swedish familiarity. Their interiors were completely Ikeanised. To make for a more furniture diverse roomscape IKEA could use some competition. […]

Polo For the People

“Everybody was Kung Fu fighting  playing polo” After ‘Marco Polo Hiuui‘ and ‘Polo Santa Roberta‘ in Hong Kong there is another Polo clone in Wangfujiang 王府井 Dajie 大街 , the busy shopping avenue of Beijing, called Polo Villae. The logo is a polo player shown from the right side of the polo pony. I am sure that […]

50 percent Nike 50 percent Li-Ning, 0 percent Creativity…What percentage confusion?

Photo: Danny FriedmannSeen today in hypermarket Carrefour, Futian, ShenzhenName of the brand: Fujian Jinjiang Hengren Shoes 

Parallel Universe Shenzhen: Where The iPads Run on Android

Androids have landed on Shenzhen’s beachPhoto Danny Friedmann By Michiel Tjoe-Awie The market penetration of Google’s Android mobile operating system came second, behind Nokia’s Symbian but was preferred above Apple’s iOS. The iPad is still the most popular “pad”. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have the best of both worlds. I mean that […]

Innovative Copycats? MIIT Vice Minister’s Remark On Piggybacking of Innovative Copycats

3 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1,000th article Adam Smith of World Trademark Review wrote a column about China’s Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Yang Xueshan, who made a controversial remark: that the innovative elements of copycat products should be protected and encouraged. Mr […]

Chinese Coffee Cats, Obscene Brand “Star Tuuuut” and the Difference Between B and F

Do you remember the Starbucks versus Xingbake case? See here. But there are many more coffee(copy)cats in China, see here. Confusion between the Starbucks and Star tuuuut might has a lot to do with culture or rather language. Confusion might not be so big in Western countries (although it was about the tort: passing-off and […]

Uncreative Brand, Creative Brand in China

Uncreative Brand In Yangshuo, next to Guilin, Guangxi province, you can see one of the most characteristic mountains of China. But if you bike through the village, you will notice some interesting shops as well. Almost next to each other you can see a shop that embodies the old copycat mentality and one that characterises […]

Nexocial, Dutch Copycat in China

Hugo Leijtens, an ex-Microsoft employee, went two years ago to Chengdu, he describes as the new Silicon Valley. There he became the Chief Technical Officer of Nexocial, a company that came up with an iPad clone in just three months: the nPad, which works on Microsoft Windows C. The nPad will be launched April 3, […]

Giorgio Armani Not Amused By Giormani of Hong Kong

IP Dragon was strolling in Sha Tin (沙田), minding his own business, until he came across a Giormani shop. Was Giorgio Armani saving costs by using less lettering on the billboards? Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who built the vast Emporio Armani (empire Armani) of clothing and luxury products, will probably not be amused that Kelvin […]

Little Red Book About Xiao Nei: “A Great Example of Digital Copycatting Done Right”

Rand Han of Little Red Book has another great article. This time he has used, analysed and deconstructed the social networking site Xiao Nei (at Campus) which is a blatant copycat of Facebook. Mr Han’s blog posting does not lack humor: “Now while we normally associate copies with inferior quality or some odd defect from […]

Copycats in China: Trains, Plains and … Automobiles

Planes, traines and … automobiles. Chinese copycats in all modes of transport. After this ruling by the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court against Zhongwei’s Zonda A9 that found the latter copying the MAN AG’s Neoplan Starliner, one might wonder whether Hillmann (of Iven & Hillmann, see below) who described Zonda A9 as a “vivid […]