One of the Top 10 IPR Cases in Jiangsu 2011: Counterfeit Luxury Brands Seized

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Jiangsu was China’s province with the highest GNP per capita in 2011:  61,649 Yuan. This means that a greater group of people might have become interested in luxury goods, such as cosmetics and jewelry.  One of the top ten IPR cases in Jiangsu in 2011 according to Zhu Yu, secretary of the Jiangsu People’s Government Provincial Intellectual Property Office was the seizure of 43 outbound EMS parcels by the Nanjing Customs…
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Beijing’s Silk Market

IP Komodo’s friend Tim Smith of Rouse was curious to know what was happening at the famous Beijing Silk Market. He asked his intern Dominic to take a look and here is what they found. Large public notices appear around the market issued by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, concerning counterfeit goods. The […]

Giorgio Armani Not Amused By Giormani of Hong Kong

IP Dragon was strolling in Sha Tin (沙田), minding his own business, until he came across a Giormani shop. Was Giorgio Armani saving costs by using less lettering on the billboards? Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who built the vast Emporio Armani (empire Armani) of clothing and luxury products, will probably not be amused that Kelvin […]