One of the Top 10 IPR Cases in Jiangsu 2011: Counterfeit Luxury Brands Seized

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Jiangsu was China’s province with the highest GNP per capita in 2011:  61,649 Yuan. This means that a greater group of people might have become interested in luxury goods, such as cosmetics and jewelry.  One of the top ten IPR cases in Jiangsu in 2011 according to Zhu Yu, secretary of the Jiangsu People’s Government Provincial Intellectual Property Office was the seizure of 43 outbound EMS parcels by the Nanjing Customs…
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Impersonator Does Not Fake a Documentary on Trademark Counterfeits

Owen Schumacher is a gifted Dutch comedian and impersonator. He has made a documentary series about what people’s perceptions are of real and fake. The third episode of the documentary is on brands, genuine and fake. Mr Schumacher, like yours truly, studied intellectual property law at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) in Amsterdam, the […]

Genuine Apple Store Fixes Problem Of Fake Apple

M.I.C. (Made in China) Gadget’s Chris Chang wrote that a genuine Apple Store in Pudong Shanghai helped diagnose and troubleshoot his knock-off MacBook Air. Read here. Now that he is sitting in your nest,you might as well treat him as your own?

Exposed Fake Kunming Popular News Story Debunked

Now that Kunming officially is the fake capital of China, IP Dragon sent a stringer there and in the name of genuineness and gonzo journalism we break the following shocking news. The reputable China Hearsay, got a tip from an anonymous blogger in Kunming. China Hearsay’s intern Kiki confirmed the news. That all the people […]

假 Jia and the Schwindlerrepublic China

Kai Strittmatter wrote ‘Gebrauchsanweisung für China’ which means User guide for China in German (2004/2008). Especially the chapter “假 Jia, Alles gefälscht. Oder: Die Schwindlerrepublik” (pp 175-186) is an interesting chapter about all aspects of “the People’s Republic of Cheats”, which is explanation the Far Eastern Economic Review (a high quality magazine that no longer […]

81.5 percent of Counterfeit Products in Japan originates from China

The Japan Times is running (and probably translated) Kyodo News’ article which is quoting Japan’s Finance Ministry saying that 81.5 percent of counterfeit products come from China. Japan’s 9 customs houses handled 26,415 cases of fake imported goods in 2008, up 16.6 percent from 2007 and the seventh consecutive record; Cases linked to China (excluding […]