Impersonator Does Not Fake a Documentary on Trademark Counterfeits

Owen Schumacher is a gifted Dutch comedian and impersonator. He has made a documentary series about what people’s perceptions are of real and fake. The third episode of the documentary is on brands, genuine and fake. Mr Schumacher, like yours truly, studied intellectual property law at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) in Amsterdam, the […]

Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do. Now Do They?

God has strange lodgers Nick Squires reports for The Telegraph that 13 million pounds worth of counterfeit souvenirs was seized before the beautification of the late pope John Paul II. The products involved were ““family packs” of plastic rosaries which they said could be dangerous because they did not pass European safety standards.“ The assumption […]

The lizard’s weekly China news roundup

IP Komodo hears righteous indignation expressed by bosses at Beijing’s famous Silk Market on Wednesday at a United States trade report that accuses the mall of being “notorious” for fake goods. A Ms Hu stated to the press “I don’t care about what any other media is saying about (the Silk Market). We’re doing our […]