IP Dragon Regains Blog from IP Komodo Dragon

Photo by Andrew Wilkinson (some rights are reserved) After one month in which IP Dragon went to Beijing and Hong Kong to do research to the IP scene in these respective cities, he took the Dragon Temple Long Hua line 龙华线 back home to his den. He was a little nervous whether his cousin, the IP Komodo Dragon […]

Reptilian reportage

IP Komodo may have a forked tongue, but he speaks the IP truth! He has trawled this weeks China IP news and the hottest topic appears to be sightings of IP Dragon, with fiery tongue, sighted in the vicinity and very unamused by IP Komodo’s blogjacking. IP Komodo may need to beat a hasty return […]

Guidelines on Several Issues Regarding the Applicable Law for Hearing Disputes Arising from Franchising Contracts

Almost 4 years after the Regulations for Administration of Commercial Franchising (2007) (“Regulations”) were promulgated, the Guidelines on Several Issues Regarding the Applicable Law for Hearing Disputes arising from Commercial Franchising Contracts (the “Guidelines”) were issued by the Beijing High Court on 24 February 2011. The Guidelines further define the scope of “business resourses”, the […]

New rules on Criminal IP infringement released

Photo Danny Friedmann New rules on IP infringement in criminal cases have been issued by the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security on 10 January 2011, to clarify a number of areas in criminal cases of IP infringement. They mainly cover counterfeit goods cases. Details can be found […]

Online infringement and ISP liability

The IP Dragon hasn’t been seen for 2 weeks now. IP Komodo wonders if his cousin might return soon and is worried about the mess, especially since IP Komodo tends to leave the remains of his lunch lying around… Some interesting online IPR news IP Komodo has spotted: Chinese authors accuse Baidu, China’s biggest search […]

Beijing’s Silk Market

IP Komodo’s friend Tim Smith of Rouse was curious to know what was happening at the famous Beijing Silk Market. He asked his intern Dominic to take a look and here is what they found. Large public notices appear around the market issued by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, concerning counterfeit goods. The […]

The Lizard’s weekly news roundup

Some of the more interesting news stories IP Komodo has spotted this week: CNN reports on the growth in counterfeit wine trade in China. Destruction of the bottles is now common practice at the auction houses, for original fine wine bottles are not reused. Label errors are a common giveaway, but recorked fine wines (putting […]

The lizard’s weekly China news roundup

IP Komodo hears righteous indignation expressed by bosses at Beijing’s famous Silk Market on Wednesday at a United States trade report that accuses the mall of being “notorious” for fake goods. A Ms Hu stated to the press “I don’t care about what any other media is saying about (the Silk Market). We’re doing our […]

IP Komodo v IP Dragon

The Komodo dragon or varanus komodoensis is the world’s largest lizard and lives on the island of Komodo in Indonesia. One particular Komodo has a keen interest in Intellectual Property (see IP Komodo’s blog at http://ipkomododragon.blogspot.com/). IP Komodo is spending some time prowling around China in March and by dint of being the biggest and […]