Impersonator Does Not Fake a Documentary on Trademark Counterfeits

Owen Schumacher is a gifted Dutch comedian and impersonator. He has made a documentary series about what people’s perceptions are of real and fake. The third episode of the documentary is on brands, genuine and fake. Mr Schumacher, like yours truly, studied intellectual property law at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) in Amsterdam, the […]

Free Seminar Shanghai: Intellectual Property in China That Protects Clean Technologies

The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai announces an afternoon seminar Clean air, clean technology and clean IPR also needed in Shenzhenthis afternoonPhoto: Danny Friedmann ‘Protecting Clean Technologies: Intellectual Property in China’ organised by China IPR SME Helpdesk. Peter Corne, chair of the Energy Working Group of the European Chamber in Shanghai and partner of law firm Dorsey & Whitney […]

EU, U.S. Perception: “China Is Discriminating”. What Are We Going To Do Against It?

US: We have so manystars, we deserve to be treated accordingly in China U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is visiting China to try to smooth the Sino-Chinese relations (one can argue that the U.S. is borrowing money from China to import from China) and meet with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping (习近平) who is expected to succeed President Hu Jintao (胡锦涛) in […]

Genuine Apple Store Fixes Problem Of Fake Apple

M.I.C. (Made in China) Gadget’s Chris Chang wrote that a genuine Apple Store in Pudong Shanghai helped diagnose and troubleshoot his knock-off MacBook Air. Read here. Now that he is sitting in your nest,you might as well treat him as your own?

China civil litigation analysis

IP Komodo has been playing with the Rouse litigation analysis tool Ciela. Over 12,000 IP decisions from China have been put into a database and is available for searching, at no cost. It can be used to search by city, court, year and other variables. Most importantly you can use it to compare two cities […]

What is so special about Special 301 vis-à-vis China? Part III

Previous parts can be seen here: Part I, Part II. So what does the report say about China? On the positive side: An increase in the number of civil IP cases in the courts (would be nice if the report states the numbers); Largest software piracy prosecution in Chinese history in 2009; “Continued and constructive […]

Multinationals Strengthen Their Commitment to China; But Are Scared of IPR Challenges

Booz & Company conducted a study (survey under 108 foreign invested manufacturing companies) together with the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to see what the influence is of the economic crisis on their commitment of doing business in China. “Nearly three-fourths (73 percent) of respondents said that enforcing intellectual property protection was “important” or […]

2007 Special 301 Report Presents Special Provincial Review of China

It’s that time of the year again. The USTR’s presents its annual Special 301 Report. Which countries have protected and enforced their IPR adequately and effectively and which have not. The risers, the fallers and the usual suspects, such as China and Russia. This year the USTR airs again the frustrations against China’s alleged lack […]

Xiangyang Market Is Dead Long Live Puxi and Pudong

Xiangyang market used to be Shanghai’s playground for trademark counterfeiters and copyright pirates. No more, read more here. However, the economics of demand and supply have provided new outlets for these illigit goods. Like a waterbed, the problem has moved now to Puxi and Pudong. Read a post on these markets at the Mad about […]