All Clichés But Still True: Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in China Leaves Room For Improvement

France24 reports in a 2 minutes 51 seconds video (from April 2008) about the rampant violations of IPR in China and the insufficient measures to tackle the problem. One big déjà vu all over again… We see the familiar in this short video: the inevitability of a visual spectacle of destruction of counterfeit DVDs; a […]

Bust of an Allegedly Pirated DVD Vendor in Hangzhou Night Market: Show or for Real?

A certain msmakara witnessed, recorded it and uploaded a video on YouTube of Hangzhou police who bust an alleged pirated DVD vendor in June 9, 2007. See here. msmakara wrote as an introduction to the video:“As I was walking through the market, I heard someone yell out something very loudly. After this, all of the […]

Xiangyang Market Is Dead Long Live Puxi and Pudong

Xiangyang market used to be Shanghai’s playground for trademark counterfeiters and copyright pirates. No more, read more here. However, the economics of demand and supply have provided new outlets for these illigit goods. Like a waterbed, the problem has moved now to Puxi and Pudong. Read a post on these markets at the Mad about […]

“Maintain Intellectual Property”

Photo: Quirine van Voorst. The road to hell is paved with good intentions: Picture was shot at the Shang Yang market where you, sweet irony, can buy all kinds of fakes.