Independent Creation Valid Defense Against Copyright Infringement

Jonathan Mak, design student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design said that he did not rip-off the idea for the Apple tribute in which you can distinguish the silhouette of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Invisible Gold in Asia Facebook Page (set up by author of the book with the same name Professor David […]

Invisible Gold in Asia: Where The Book Ends The Community Takes Off

Professor David Llewelyn’s book Invisible Gold in China has its own Facebook page. As you probably know the characters for China are 中 (centre) and 国 (country): the country in the middle. On most Chinese maps the country is actually situated in the middle of the world. Yes, China is an important country in all respects, […]

Why Kaixin001 Might Not Be Too Happy About Its Victory Over Oak Pacific Interactive

Social media site Kaixin001‘s content was copyied by Oak Pacific Interactive (who owns social media site Ren Ren). It was put online under the domain name Kaxin. Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court ruled that Oak Pacific Interactive should pay to Kaixin001 400,000 RMB as compensation for damages, remove the copied content and stop using […]

Q&A on Trademark Proactive (TP), Tipi and Indian Givers

I was delighted by the questions after I uploaded my Asia Pacific IP Forum presentation in Hong Kong to Slideshare: ‘How Social Media Challenge the Brandscape for Trademark Holders‘ in which I propose a solution for trademark holders: Trademark Proactive (TP). Below I will explain some key points of TP: Why should a trademark holder […]

How Social Media Challenge the Brandscape for the Trademark Holders

Stan Abrams (China Hearsay), Chris Bailey (Rouse), Xie Lin (CUHK) and I gave presentations about the impact of Social Media on intellectual property (and vice versa). My presentation focused on social media and trademark law. In this presentation I tried to shed light upon the challenges trademark holders are facing in these times of social […]

IP Dragon Speaks on 7th Annual Asia-Pacific IP Forum 2010

September 1, 2010, Stan Abrams of China Hearsay fame, and I will speak on Social Media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, but also blogs) and intellectual property (especially trademark and copyright) issues, during the 7th Annual Asia-Pacific IP Forum 2010. There is a lot to say about this subject. If you deem a related subject […]

Little Red Book About Xiao Nei: “A Great Example of Digital Copycatting Done Right”

Rand Han of Little Red Book has another great article. This time he has used, analysed and deconstructed the social networking site Xiao Nei (at Campus) which is a blatant copycat of Facebook. Mr Han’s blog posting does not lack humor: “Now while we normally associate copies with inferior quality or some odd defect from […]