TGIF: Vacuum Cleaner Inventor Says The Darndest Things

Thank goodness it is Friday Sir James Dyson was quoted by Dan Milmo in the Guardian, here, saying: “They are running the risk of being expelled from the WTO. They are creating an unlevel playing field by taking our technology and selling it all over the world.”  With “they” Mr Dyson means China. I understand Mr […]

After 44 Years Chinese Lovers of Literature Can Legally Buy “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”

Photo Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara  Some rights reserved TGIF Zhang Lei wrote a nice article for the Global Times about Thinkingdomhouse, a publisher who achieved to get a copyright license for China from Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Gabriel García Márquez to publish his masterpiece ‘One hundred years of solitude’ (Cien años de soledad). […]

Chinese Coffee Cats, Obscene Brand “Star Tuuuut” and the Difference Between B and F

Do you remember the Starbucks versus Xingbake case? See here. But there are many more coffee(copy)cats in China, see here. Confusion between the Starbucks and Star tuuuut might has a lot to do with culture or rather language. Confusion might not be so big in Western countries (although it was about the tort: passing-off and […]

TGIF: Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Says The Darndest Things

Online copyright piracy is a serious problem. China has started a campaign of three months to blacklist websites with pirated content so that Chinese telecom operators can take them offline. Now one can question the effectiveness of this temporary measure, see here. But there are even worse solutions… Look at the idea of Brad Sherman, […]

Consumers International Says UK Has Worse Copyright Regime Than China… Nonsense Says Sharkey

Thank goodness it is Friday. Consumers International did a survey on the intellectual property laws and enforcement practices of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the UK and the US, see here.  According to BBC News Consumers International decided that “UK law was least effective in balancing […]