After 44 Years Chinese Lovers of Literature Can Legally Buy “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”

Photo Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara  Some rights reserved TGIF Zhang Lei wrote a nice article for the Global Times about Thinkingdomhouse, a publisher who achieved to get a copyright license for China from Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Gabriel García Márquez to publish his masterpiece ‘One hundred years of solitude’ (Cien años de soledad). […]

Confucius Peace Prize: Did China Just Counterfeit the Nobel Peace Prize?

What has been China’s reaction to institutions it does not have any grip on? Come up with new substitutes. When the Holy Seat in Rome would not listen to Beijing it came up with its own version of this church, under the auspices of the Roman Patriotic Catholic Association. China even did not mind to […]