The Bad euh … Good euh … Bad News On Indigenous Innovation in China

“The Mountains Are High, but you can always find a way through“Yangsho, Guangxi ProvincePhoto: Danny Friedmann Since China announced its Indigenous Innovation policy in 2006 there were a lot of protests from foreign intellectual property rights holders that would be completely excluded from China’s government procurement in certain product categories. According to the USITC intellectual property […]

USITC: “China’s IP and Indigenous Innovation Cost U.S. 48,2 billion dollar”

Photo Danny Friedmann“Maybe we need more resources for IP enforcement?” The U.S. International Trade Commission report (ITC), commissioned by the U.S. Senate has been published. The title of the ITC report is: China: Effects of Intellectual Property Infringement and Indigenous Innovation Policies on the U.S. Economy. One of the effects, according to the writers, is that IP infringements and preferential treatment for […]

Intellectual Property and Indigenous Innovation, Two Opposite Roads For Foreign IPR Holders

Photo Danny FriedmannIP and indigenous innnovationroads going in opposite directions? The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission will hold hearings on China’s intellectual property  and indigenous innovation policies on May 4th. Emphasis will be given on the consequences of these policies for the film, broadcast, and software industries. Programme:8:30 am – 8:45 am: Hearing Co-Chairs’ Opening […]

Joint-venture with technology transfer no panacea for market access to China’s aviation industry

China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) states that the general aviation industry’s development will bepromoted, reform the airspace management system as well as increase the efficiency of the allocation and utilization of airspace resources. Bright sky for China’s aviation industry. But what about foreign aviation companies, will they be able to takeoff or will they stay grounded. Like […]

32 Senators Urge Vice-Premier State Council to Fix IPR and Indigenous Innovation Policy in China

32 U.S. senators have sent an open letter to Wang Qishan, China’s Vice-Premier of the State Council. They urge him to use the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) to address the problems U.S. companies face in regard to: Intellectual Property Rights in China; China’s policy to favour indigenous innovation and not signing […]

China Launched 10-Year National Patent Development Strategy

During the 4th China Patent Week China launched the National Patent Development Strategy (2011-2020). The strategy focuses on: International cooperation in patent protection and utilisation; preferential policies to encourage R&D by high-tech companies, research institutes and colleges; Overseas IP websites so that foreign companies can check patent info; Establishment of organisations for patent trading in […]

November 17: USCC Report about Indigenous Innovation, WTO and Disclosure Requirements

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) will release its 2010 Report to Congress at a press conference Wednesday, November 17. Among the topics in the 316-page report will be about: National defense and foreign affairs and energy and environmental issues. But also about economic, trade and censor issues: China’s ‘indigenous innovation’ policy to promote […]

Indigenous Innovation in China: Soup Will Not Be Eaten As Hot As Cooked

Will Freeman and Tom Miller assert for the Financial Times that China’s economic nationalism is exaggerated: “The State Council began to promote “indigenous innovation”—a plan to support the creation and commercialization of domestic technology—in 2006. Then in November 2009 a handful of ministries announced they would implement rules limiting government procurement to products with entirely […]