China’s Influence On Non-Trade Concerns In International Economic Law

Maastricht University, Faculty of Law Professor Paolo Farah organised with a grant from China-EU School of Law (CESL) in Beijing three conferences on China and Non-trade Issues. The first was held at the University of Turin (November 23-24, 2011), the second at Tsinghua University and the third was hosted by the Faculty of Law of […]

List of 100 Western Songs Must Be Removed By September 15, 2011

Tania Branigan reports about newly banned list of 100 Western songs that are not approved by the Ministry of Culture. All links to these songs must be removed by music websites in China by September 15th, 2011. The reason: because they allegedly have never been submitted for approval. According to Ms Braningan the list is based […]

Sunday Specialty: SARFT Knows Watching Time-travelling Is Bad

Photo Danny Friedmann星期日 = Sunday: Time-travelling not allowed. Not even by taxi. The State Administration for Radio Film and TV (SARFT) came up with the Notice Concerning the Nationwide Television Drama Shooting Filing Announcement for March 2011. “In the recent few months, the general situation of reporting and filing of programmes nationwide is good, but […]

Featured Blog of the Week: China Media News

Torsten Weise, who is based in Berlin, translates headlines and news of Chinese media on media into English on this interesting blog called China Media News, which he started in May 2010. Mr Weise gives advice to publishers (Weise Verlagsberatung) that want to be active on the Chinese market. Those interested into media and the […]

China Copyright and Media Looks At the Law of China’s Entertainment Media

IP Dragon’s friend Rogier Creemers has started a great website called ‘China Copyright and Media, Looking at the Law of China’s Entertainment Media’, see here. For this field of study it includes many relevant laws, regulations and rules, from the State Council of the National People’s Congress, Central Committee, Supreme People’s Court, Public Security Bureau […]

Declaration of Copyright Self-Regulation of the Chinese Internet Sector

About 100 websites, among others Sohu, Baidu and Youku have signed a declaration of copyright self-regulation. Rogier Creemers translated the declaration. Thank you. Declaration of Copyright Self-Regulation of the Chinese Internet Sector In order to safeguard copyright and related right holders’ lawful rights and interest, stimulate the healthy development of the Internet industry, safeguard social […]

China’s New Article 4 Copyright Law: Censored Works Are Copyrighted Too

How would China change its article 4 Copyright Law after the panel decision in the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement (DS 362) case determined that that provision was not compatible with China’s obligations under the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and […]

Rogier Creemers’ Take on Google in China

IP Dragon’s esteemed friend Rogier Creemers is doing a PhD at the University of Maastricht on copyright and media control in China. Below is a guest column of Mr Creemers on Google in China: “By now, most in the blogosphere already know about Google’s announcement to possibly leave China, which may have some very interesting […]

Creemers’ Summary Of And Comments On DS363

Rogier Creemers of the University of Maastricht summarised 491 pages of the panel report on DS363: China – Measures Affecting Trading Rights and Distribution Services for Certain Publications and Audiovisual Entertainment Product, and gave some comments, see here.

Copyright Administrative Punishment Implementation Rules (2009)

The Administrative Punishment Rules for Copyright Infringement were recently updated and will take effect June 15, 2009. Rogier Creemers, Ph.D. Researcher at Maastricht University (the Netherlands) who already obtained a Master’s degree in Sinology from the University of Leuven (Belgium), sent me an email with these rules translated by him into English. In addition Mr […]

Professor Daniel Gervais’ New Book Includes: Confidential Interim Report DS 362

Who won the IPR dispute at the WTO between China and the U.S.? That was the name of my blog posting in October 2008 and gave some leaked information. But what does the official information say? According to WTO document WT/DS362/9, that can be found at the site of the WTO dedicated to DS 362 […]