Featured Blog of the Week: China Media News

Torsten Weise, who is based in Berlin, translates headlines and news of Chinese media on media into English on this interesting blog called China Media News, which he started in May 2010. Mr Weise gives advice to publishers (Weise Verlagsberatung) that want to be active on the Chinese market. Those interested into media and the […]

Push Up the Plagiarism: It’s a Photo, No … It’s a Painting

Joel Martinsen of the great site about Chinese media, advertising, urban life and many more fascinating subjects, Danwei.org, has a great blog about ‘Painted plagiarism of push-up photograph’ read here.

IP Dragon Wins Danwei’s Olympic Model Worker Award 2008

IP Dragon is proud and happy to have received Danwei’s Model Worker Award for 2008 (“the best of the China blogs”), in the category Law & Intellectual Property, for the second time in a row (2007). Only this time the award’s name was changed into Olympic Model Worker 2008. The procedure was the same as […]

Danwei Model Worker Award 2007

IP Dragon is proud and happy to have received the Danwei Model Worker Award in the category Law and Intellectual Property. Recipients of Danwei Model Worker awards are decided by Danwei editors.Thank you very much! Find all Danwei Model Worker Award recipients here.

Cartoon Sanmao Will Be Adapted Into Real Life Actors Film

Joel Martinsen of Danwei has a fine interview with the right holder of the copyright of cartoon hero Sanmao (三毛) which means literally three hairs, characteristic for the cartoon protagonist. The article implicitly illustrates some of the aspects of a copyright: The right holder chose to give his permission to adapt the cartoon in a […]

Reaction to Danwei Article About China’s Ratification of WIPO’s Internet Treaties

Ms. Maya Alexandri wrote an interesting article called ‘Copyright protection for online content’ for Danwei. Referring to China’s accession and ratification (June 9, 2007) of WIPO’s Copyright Treaty (WCT) and WIPO’s Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) a report by the Beijing Business Today, Ms Alexandri wrote: “More typically, China’s stance on intellectual property enforcement includes […]