Tian Lipu: “No Plagiarism ’cause China’s High Speed Rail Systems Climb Mountains”

At the ‘Third Intellectual Property and Urban Development Mayor Forum’, November 22, 2010, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) commissioner Tian Lipu refuted allegations that China’s high speed rail systems are based on plagiarism. See IP Dragon’ article ‘Knowledge Transfer in China: How To Train The Dragon To Consume You‘. Sina reports that China News […]

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Exposes Organisers’ Lack of Creativity

In 2007 the Bureau of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 Coordination promulgated a special regulatation (See here: No. 11) concerning intellectual property rights. In short all participants to the World Expo were warned that they should comply to China’s IPR laws, regulations and rules far in advance. “The General Administration of Press and Publication and […]

Push Up the Plagiarism: It’s a Photo, No … It’s a Painting

Joel Martinsen of the great site about Chinese media, advertising, urban life and many more fascinating subjects, Danwei.org, has a great blog about ‘Painted plagiarism of push-up photograph’ read here.

Why Intellectual Property Rights In China Don’t Come Naturally

I was delighted to receive the learned paper of Charles R. Stone, published in the Marquette Law Review, Vol. 92, p. 199, 2008. It is called ‘What Plagiarism Was Not: Some Preliminary Observations on Classical Chinese Attitudes toward what the West Calls Intellectual Property‘. It has 32 pages and I read it in just half […]

Why There is Plagiarism in China Even At Sun Yat-sen University

Peter who is a Yale-China Teaching Fellow teaching English classes at Sun Yat-sen University and runs the China DTR blog, has a nice posting called ‘Where’s Your Academic Integrity’ about widespread plagiarism in his class. “Plagiarism in our classroom was a surprise because at the beginning of the semester we explained why plagiarism was bad, […]

Is Plagiarism Justified?

Danwei publishes Tianya blogger Guerlangwa/Icegrass Bay about an article of his that was published in New Express, Sanqin Metropolis Daily and Heilongjiang’s Life Daily, without his authorisation. Read Guerlangwa’s article here.

Plagiarism in Chinese Music is Blooming or Withering?

Mu Qian wrote a great article for the China Daily about Chinese songs that are put under increased scrutiny to see if they are original, thanks to the internet. The Chinese pop scene was a long time isolated from the rest of the world. When Chinese musicians wanted to play, say Western, songs it was […]