Current State On Writing On Counterfeiting in China

Comment on commentNeil Wilkoff, blogger of IP Finance, commented on an Economist article, called Pro Logo: Brands in China (January 14, 2012) see here, that did not give enough context nor support for its assertions. The first part of the article is about the backlash the Chinese furniture company DaVinci got after it was revealed that their […]

Music in China Business Model: Life Without Oxygen Possible?

6 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1000th article NASA discovered that life can exist even without the 6 building blocks that were presumed crucial; carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur, read here. In the same vain the music industry thought for a long time that their only way of […]

Promotion and Protection of China’s Culture: Hard Copyright For Soft Power

In The Economist special report on China and the US called ‘Overkill’ where the author James Miles postulates the opinion that China is piling up more weapons than it appears to need, Mr Miles also writes about the need for China to develop its soft power:“Soft power was mentioned for the first time by a […]

US-China Green Technology Transfer Strained By Circular Reasoning

Last month (October 22nd 2009) The Economist had a special report about the relationship between China and the US. In the article ‘The price of cleanliness’ the circular reasoning is pointed out that makes solving the environmental challenge in China very difficult: “Technology transfer will also be a thorny issue. China resents the idea of […]

Grim audits of EU-China Relations – IPR to the rescue?

Guest article by Mikołaj Rogowski Dragons Nightmare, an article from the last month’s edition of The Economist drew a rather pessimistic picture of the European Union – China relations landscape.  According to The Economist the EU is a tough spot. The Economist argues that currently the conflicting policies of the member states are far from rising […]

Word On Wednesday: The Influence of the Financial Crisis On The Enforcement of Intellectual Property In China

Getting ready for stormy weather Painting/picture Copyright Dinky 2008 What could be the impact of the financial crisis on the enforcement of intellectual property in China? Here are some hypotheses on top of my mind: Because of the financial crisis most people are afraid to spend money; the demand for counterfeit and pirated products in […]

The Economist’s Lax Attitude Towards IPR in China

The cover story of the Economist (May, 19th-25th) is entitled America’s fear of China, it’s about whether a revaluation of the yuan would do much for the US (not much in the opinion of the Economist). This article is introduced by a leader that gives the essence of a more elaborate article. This time, however, […]

Counterfeit Cars, Backlogs and Economic Nationalism

The Economist has an article about Counterfeit cars in China. It writes:“So far, legal action by foreign firms has proved nearly useless. The many writs, threats, injunctions and court cases have become embroiled in slow-grinding legal machinations, been thrown out on technical grounds or failed because foreign firms had not properly registered their designs.“ Some […]