The Process of Trademark Counterfeiting Captured

How An External DVD Drive Becomes A Counterfeit Apple in 5 Minutes Dong Men (东门= East Gate) in Shenzhen is an incredible place. You can find buildings with small shops that all sell one component of a mobile phone or computer per floor, and on the next floor another component. On Shennan Central Road there is […]

Also So Much to Do in IP in the USA! Happy World IP Day To All!

Keith Johnson reports today in the Wall Street Journal that: – Last Christmas the US seized 26 million US dollar worth of counterfeit goods.– Now the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center confiscated 40 million US dollar worth of couterfeit goods in more than 30 US cities. This operation was called: Spring Cleaning. Seems that […]

Promising News: China and UK Fast-Track Green Patent Applications

Today the UK will start fast-tracking green patent applications, and China will follow suit. IAM Magazine ‘s Joff Wild has a very interesting blog about it called ‘China and UK to fast-track green patent applications, according to British IP Minister‘. That could be the best news since the WIPO chose “promoting green innovation” as its theme […]

Happy World Intellectual Property Day 2009

IP Dragon wishes you a happy World Intellectual Property Day 2009. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has chosen a very relevant theme for this year’s World Intellectual Property Day: promoting green innovation. WIPO takes responsibility for the polution that is connected with technology protected by intellectual property rights: technology has created polution, but technology […]