Sobering Statistics Put China’s Innovation Into Perspective

In the graphical perspective,things become smaller if the distancefrom the observer increases Professor Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang, writers of the book ‘Getting China and India right‘, put China’s innovation statistics into perspective. Patent filings in 2008 U.S.A. 400,769 filings Japan 502,054 filings China 203,481 filings Gupta and Wang have a point when they argue […]

New Red Dawn in Patents: More Chinese than Foreign Companies Filed Chinese Invention Patents

Joff Wild of IAM Magazine has another great blog: ‘Major breakthrough for Chinese companies in the patenting stakes’ , read here. Mr Wild observes that according to SIPO’s statistics the first half of 2009 show that Chinese domestic companies filed more invention patents than foreign companies. In 2007 only 1 percent of all Chinese companies […]

Promising News: China and UK Fast-Track Green Patent Applications

Today the UK will start fast-tracking green patent applications, and China will follow suit. IAM Magazine ‘s Joff Wild has a very interesting blog about it called ‘China and UK to fast-track green patent applications, according to British IP Minister‘. That could be the best news since the WIPO chose “promoting green innovation” as its theme […]

Center Stage for Background Music: Collective Society Victorious Against Supermarket

Mena Lo and Lilian Shi of Wilkinson & Grist China wrote a short article about a copyright infringement case the Music Copyright Society of China brought against Beijing MerryMart Chain Stores. The Beijing Haidian District People’s Court awarded only 500 Renminbi damages.Read the IAM Magazine article here.

China’s Trademark Office Performs First Trademark Examination Quality Control Inspection

Ms Mena Lo and Elaine Mak of Wilkinson & Grist China wrote a brief for IAM Magazine on the China Trademark Office‘s first trademark examination quality control inspection, after CTMO’s officials exchanged experiences with China’s Patent Office and and study case management systems used by IP authorities in the United States and the European Union. […]