Do Trademarks Killl? Or Are They Victim? A Hong Kong Story With A Happy Ending

Florence Ka-Yee Lam, lawyer at Wilkinson & Grist which was already founded in 1860, wrote an interesting legal brief for IAM magazine on a current decision by the trademark registry of Hong Kong that upheld the registration of Philip Morris’ trademark Marlboro Lights, see here. When one reads the original decision of the Trademark Registry […]

Two Encouraging Surveys: On Public Awareness and Business Attitudes of Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong

Selene Ng of Wilkinson and Grist wrote an article on the site of IAM Magazine about an encouraging outcome of a survey on public awareness of intellectual property protection by the Hong Kong population. The Survey on Public Awareness of Intellectual Property Right Protection 香港市民保護知識產權意識調查 2008 conducted by Mercador Solutions Associates Ltd., commissioned by the IP Department of Hong […]

Center Stage for Background Music: Collective Society Victorious Against Supermarket

Mena Lo and Lilian Shi of Wilkinson & Grist China wrote a short article about a copyright infringement case the Music Copyright Society of China brought against Beijing MerryMart Chain Stores. The Beijing Haidian District People’s Court awarded only 500 Renminbi damages.Read the IAM Magazine article here.

China’s Trademark Office Performs First Trademark Examination Quality Control Inspection

Ms Mena Lo and Elaine Mak of Wilkinson & Grist China wrote a brief for IAM Magazine on the China Trademark Office‘s first trademark examination quality control inspection, after CTMO’s officials exchanged experiences with China’s Patent Office and and study case management systems used by IP authorities in the United States and the European Union. […]

IP Lawfirms: Ms Ages Y. Leung and Ms Selena Y.Y. Sun Join Wilkinson & Grist’s IP Practice Group

Ms Leung Yang (Agnes) and Ms Sun Yuet Ying (Selena), are the new solicitors at the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Wilkinson & Grist. Read more here. Their colleagues are: PartnersAnne C.Y. ChoiYvonne ChuaAndrea S.Y. FongHoward H.L. TsangEsther W.L. HoMena S.M. LoSelene S.L. NgLily CheungVenus K.P. Lee AssociatesMilla M.L. CheungFlorence K.Y. LamElaine M. MakEmma N.L. […]

MIP Briefing About Copyright For Web Design

Howard and Thomas Tsang (don’t know if they are family) of Wilkinson and Grist wrote an article for Managing Intellecutal Property about a copyright infringement case concerning web design. The plaintiff, yes a site about food, had duly registered its layout and design at the Chongqing Copyright Bureau. Since China is a signatory of […]