Complaining about Taobao’s IPR Complaint System and a MOU

When the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) testified for the USCC Hearing on “China’s Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Innovation Policy,” April 25, 2011, it focused on the software and recorded music industry. However, they also wrote a letter about the overall IP record in China, see here. “Sites such as,,,,, […]

Online Copyright: Norms Or the Law, One Of Them Needs To Give In

On the road to respect for copyright there is not much trafficPhoto Danny Friedmann Professor Ken Shao, director of China Law Programme of the Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, has an interesting article in the Global Times in which he persuasively explains that a balance between copyright protection and access to knowledge should be struck. […]

Chinese Acceptance Of and Resistance Against Global Copyright Law

Jia Lu, affiliated with Tsinghua University and Ian Weber, affiliated with University of Southern Queensland, Australia wrote an interesting paper called: ‘Internet Piracy Software in China: A User Analysis of Resistance to Global Software Copyright Enforcement’.Jia Lu and Ian Weber try to find reasons for why the Chinese accepted global copyright law, but also resist […]

2010: Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court: “Baidu, Sohu/Sogou Are No Copyright Pirates”

– In June 2005 Shanghai Bu-sheng Music, a branch of EMI in China, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Baidu. Baidu was found liable by People’s Court of Haidian District in Beijing for copyright infringement in September 16, 2005. Read more about it in Rouse’s China Intellectual Property Express, Issue 265 here. – In September […]

Two Encouraging Surveys: On Public Awareness and Business Attitudes of Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong

Selene Ng of Wilkinson and Grist wrote an article on the site of IAM Magazine about an encouraging outcome of a survey on public awareness of intellectual property protection by the Hong Kong population. The Survey on Public Awareness of Intellectual Property Right Protection 香港市民保護知識產權意識調查 2008 conducted by Mercador Solutions Associates Ltd., commissioned by the IP Department of Hong […]

New Face At Baidu Awaits Considerable Intellectual Property Conflicts

Ms Loretta Chao of the WSJ’s China Journal wrote about the appointment of the new general manager digital entertainment of, Inc., Catherine Leung. The blog article ends with a most relevant paragraph: “The company has tried to solve its intellectual property conflicts by signing revenue-sharing deals to share profits from advertisements on its digital […]

Confucius Institute Has Already Apologised And Removed China Expat Copyrighted Content From Its Site

The Confucius Institute online has already removed the copyrighted content of China Expat that was published unauthorisedly on its site. They want to talk with China Expat in the future to see whether they can start a partnership. IP Dragon congratulates the two parties. End good, all good. Read the Confucius Institute online’s apology at […] Is Making a Clean Sweep in Guangzhou Netcafes

China Tech News reports about, a big copyright holder who filed a lawsuit against 379 netcafes in Guangzhou for alleged infringing of copyrights by downloading online videos. is taking online copyright infringement pretty serious and their approach is quite ambitious: “[They] sent a team of 26 lawyers and notaries to investigate the films […]