China’s Exports Moved Up the Value Ladder, EIU Report Underlines Dragons at the Door Thesis

Exports no longer only from coastal provincesPhoto:  Danny Friedmann ‘Heavy duty, China’s next wave of exports‘, is a insightful concise report (17 pages) from the Economist Intelligence Unit. It sheds light how the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry is climbing the value ladder. The first waves of exports were dominated by textiles and electronics and took […]

Sobering Statistics Put China’s Innovation Into Perspective

In the graphical perspective,things become smaller if the distancefrom the observer increases Professor Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang, writers of the book ‘Getting China and India right‘, put China’s innovation statistics into perspective. Patent filings in 2008 U.S.A. 400,769 filings Japan 502,054 filings China 203,481 filings Gupta and Wang have a point when they argue […]

How To Measure IP Enforcement: Enforcement/Infringement Ratio and “Data Data and Data”

One of the recommendations of my upcoming thesis called: ‘Paper Tiger or Roaring Dragon? China’s TRIPs Implementations and Enforcement‘ is the need to increase transparency about IP enforcement (and of course it is the raison d’être of IP Dragon). To know whether China’s enforcement progresses or declines I proposed the enforcement/infringement ratio which can be […]

Cost of Piracy Overestimated Says OECD, Underestimated Says ICC

Steve Whitehouse of Thomson Financial reports about an unpublished Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) study which puts trade losses in 2005 at up to 200 billion US dollar, considerably lower than the 600 billion US dollars estimated by the International Chamber of Commerce. Read Whitehouse’s article via here. US officials estimate the […]