Chinese Brands Not Cool In UK? ……… Overseas Chinese Show The Way

CoolBrands has orchestrated an expert panel and public vote to select the most cool brands in Britain. No Chinese brands in the top 20, and not even nominated. In the list of nominations one can find Wagamama, founded by Alan Yau (丘德威), the Hong Kong born London-based restaurateur, and Jimmy Choo (周仰杰), the Malaysian born London-based fashion-designer […]

Chinese Trademarks Visible, But Have By Far Not Met Their Potential

In absolute numbers China might be in almost all aspects a giant. But in relative sense this does not need to be the case. Example: China has 5 million registered trademarks. But only one out of 10 market entities owns a registered trademark and the number is 40 percent for companies, Yuan Qi, an official […]