Confusion of Tongues in China and Counterfeiters as Arbitrageurs of Language

Counterfeit trademarks in China: Castel’s “uniqueness is arrested”, Penfolds has become victim of “get rich in a hurry”   By Danny Friedmann   Until the majority of the Chinese population is more familiar with foreign brand names, foreign brands should take the destiny of their own brand in China in their own hand. If foreign […]

Counterfeiter Burgundy Wine Is No Connoisseur, But Neither Are Many Chinese Consumers, Yet

The French newspaper Le Midi Libre reports about a wine from the domaine de la Romanée Conti à Vosne-Romanée which was counterfeited in China.  Oftentimes the counterfeiters manufacture a product that is almost identical to the genuine product. However, this time the counterfeiters are no connaiseurs. Unfortunately many people in their target market, China, also lack […]

Sober Advice To Stop Counterfeit Wine As Lafite Bubble in China Attracts More Counterfeiters

China counterfeiters produce more “Lafite”  then you can ever find in the  Château Lafite Rothschild cellars in France Photo: Wikipedia about Château Lafite Rothschild  No, Lafite is not a kind of Champagne. It has no bubbles inside. But the market for Lafite could definitely be called a bubble. One can find more “Château Lafite Rothschild” wine bottles […]

On Counterfeit liquor and wine

People’s Republic of China During the massive IP enforcement campaign “Bright Sword” police cracked down in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guizhou in 40 cases involving the production and selling of fake alcohol. China Daily wrote: “March 23 to 25, police raided 272 production and sales outlets nationwide and found more than 300 devices used for […]

FEVS: “Mainland China Principal Counterfeiter Wine”

Dominique Schroeder has a good article about counterfeit wine for Agence France-Presse published in the South China Morning Post today. “The mainland is “the principal counterfeiter”, according to Renaud Gaillard, deputy director of the French export trade body, Federation des Exportateurs de Vins et Spriritueux de France (FEVS).” However, Schroeder points out that unlike luxury […]

New Technology for Old Wines Against Counterfeit Bottles

“In China and Vietnam, you find more counterfeit than authentic bottles,” Serge Tchekhov said in a phone interview with Elin McCoy of Bloomberg. In order to fight counterfeit wines winemakers are considering to deploy new technologies such as RFID, now that holograms obviously are replicated too easily by counterfeiters, see Genuine Fake Holograms From China […]