Taiwan IP Update: First Country That Protects Hologram In Its Trademark Law

Taiwan has amended its Trademark Act May 31, 2011. What has changed? Progressive trademark act, but with olfactory deficiency Photo: NASA via Wikipedia Listing counterfeit merchandise online will be punishable by fines of up to NT$50,000 and up to one year in prison.  According to the director-general of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), Wang Mei-hua (王美花) the scope […]

In The Year of The Tigger: What Makes A Real Winnie The Pooh?

How to tell real from fake? On top: real Winnie the Pooh, including a laser hologram of Walt Disney. Below: fake Winnie the Pooh, without a laser hologram of Walt Disney. The counterfeit one is on offer in Wanchai, Hong Kong for 30 HK dollar (about 3 euro) and is tailor made for Chinese new […]

New Technology for Old Wines Against Counterfeit Bottles

“In China and Vietnam, you find more counterfeit than authentic bottles,” Serge Tchekhov said in a phone interview with Elin McCoy of Bloomberg. In order to fight counterfeit wines winemakers are considering to deploy new technologies such as RFID, now that holograms obviously are replicated too easily by counterfeiters, see Genuine Fake Holograms From China […]

Genuine Fake Holograms From China

Marty Graham wrote an article about counterfeited holograms for Wired News. Graham explains that as the counterfeited products increase in value, the sooner counterfeited holograms are added to fake genuineness of the products. The technology to copy holograms has been diffused around the world. So counterfeiters can either copy it themselves, buy it from hologram […]