Professor Mossoff’s Historical Paper About Patent Thicket, Patent Troll and Patent Pool: Relevant Today

Can we learn from history? Or are we doomed to make the same mistakes over and over? Professor Adam Mossoff of George Mason University School of Law wrote an excellent paper about the Sewing Machine War of the 1850’s which illustrates that the challenges we are facing in this day and age with patent thickets, […]

Pyrrhic Victory For Anti Patent Pool Professors Against Philips

Remember Zhang Ping, the IPR professor of Peking University who in December 2005 attacked a patent of Philips that was part of the 4C DVD pool because it was alleged to be not essential, read here. Emma Barraclough followed the story for Managing IP: In January 2006, Zhang got support of four other law professors […]

IP Professor Attacks Philips’ Right To Collect Royalties For DVDs

Zhang Ping, a professor from the Intellectual Property Rights Institute of Peking University, has filed an argument against Philips, a member of the 3C DVD Patent Group. The 3C DVD Patent Group consists of Philips, Sony, Pioneer (that’s 3), but LG Electronics joined them, so in fact it is now 4C DVD Patent Group, read […]