Should There Be Trade Barriers For Chinese Companies Buying Core Global Patent Portfolios in New Technology?

Lee Caffin, IP strategist and patent attorney specialist in lifesciences at Think IP Strategy, has an interesting post on China’s National Patent Development Strategy (2011-2010), read here. After a historical overview from 2006 to 2011, Mr Caffin is posing a question that some protectionist governments might ask: “Should countries institute patent trade barriers or limit […]

Knowledge Transfer in China: How To Train The Dragon To Consume You

Professor Pierre Sauvé, deputy managing director, director of studies and faculty member at the World Trade Institute (WTI), Switzerland gave a very interesting guest research lecture at CUHK November 24, 2010: “Waiting for Godot? The troubled prospects of (coherent) multilateralism in investment rule making”. Inspired by his speech in which he mentioned the requirement of […]

Shanghai Court Awards Microsoft 318,000 US dollar Damages For Copyright Infringement

Kathrin Hille wrote for the Financial Times that a Shanghai court ordered Dazhong Insurance, “a Shanghai-based insurer backed by Chinese state-owned and listed companies” to pay 318,000 US dollar to Microsoft for use of illegal copies of its software. The Global Times reported that the court was the Shanghai Pudong New Area District Court, read […]

IPR Infringements Can Make Investments in China Capricious

The Financial Times of January 4th (online), 5th (HK paper version) has an interesting article about famous stock-picker Anthony Bolton who is trying his expertise/luck in China. In the article , written by Sundeep Tucker, Jamil Anderlini and Robert Cookon, they cite Jack Perkowski, managing partner of JFP Holdings about legal peculiaraties that influence investments […]

Microsofts’ MSN Juku Infringes Plurk and Apologises

MSN Juku, Microsoft’s micro-blogging site in China, admitted that that it has infringed the copyright of Plurk, which is popular in Taiwan and the Philipines but is blocked in the PRC. Read relevant articles at the Plurk’s blog:– Microsoft China rips off Asia’s No. 1 Microblogging Service– Plurk’s official response to Microsoft’s apology Read the […]