Sino-U.S. Investment Vehicle To Bring U.S. Medicines Into Chinese Pharmaceutical Market

In the U.S. the pharmaceutical industry has proprietary technology, but China has enough financial resources and a huge domestic market. Therefore an opportunity presents itself for those who can bridge these two markets. Michelle Jarboe McFee has an interesting article about a partnership between Newsummit Pharmaceutical Group, a biomedical company in Shanghai and Cleveland Bio […]

Professor T. Ginsburg’s “Eastphalia” Theory Applicable To IPR Law in China?

Yesterday, Professor Tom Ginsburg of University of Chicago Law School was giving a presentation at the University of Hong Kong about his paper ‘Eastphalia As The Perfection Of Westphalia’, which will be published in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies. In it he is trying to answer whether the following claims are each valid […]

IPR Infringements Can Make Investments in China Capricious

The Financial Times of January 4th (online), 5th (HK paper version) has an interesting article about famous stock-picker Anthony Bolton who is trying his expertise/luck in China. In the article , written by Sundeep Tucker, Jamil Anderlini and Robert Cookon, they cite Jack Perkowski, managing partner of JFP Holdings about legal peculiaraties that influence investments […]