Should There Be Trade Barriers For Chinese Companies Buying Core Global Patent Portfolios in New Technology?

Lee Caffin, IP strategist and patent attorney specialist in lifesciences at Think IP Strategy, has an interesting post on China’s National Patent Development Strategy (2011-2010), read here. After a historical overview from 2006 to 2011, Mr Caffin is posing a question that some protectionist governments might ask: “Should countries institute patent trade barriers or limit […]

Beijing Subsidies for Foreign Patents: Allowed Or Not? Smart Or Not?

October 9, 2009 the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, subsidiary of SIPO for the Beijing Municipality promulgated a circular on Applying for Special Funds for Financing Patent Applications in Foreign Countries. It stated: “Each United Concerned, According to the requirements of the State Council concerning the implementation of national intellectual proeprty strategy, in order to support […]