Trademarks That “Innovate and Beautify Life”: China Trademark Festival, Chengdu

“Dreaming of innovative and beautifying trademarks“Photo: Danny Friedmann                  To avoid confusion:                  – the cat’s name is Puma not IP Kat                  – he has no relation with a German            […]

Canton Fair Bans IP Infringers For Up to 4 Times, Camera Phones Make IP Infringement Too Easy

Many intellectual property owners have a dilemma. They have a product they want the world to show their product, but they don’t want the world to copy it. This problem is especially urgent at fairs and exhibitions. Zhan Lisheng and Jiang Wei of China Daily report that the organizing committee of the 102nd China Import […]

China Outspends Japan in Innovation; IP in China Will Profit

Stan Abrams, Lehman, Lee and Xu lawyer and writer of China Hearsay, wrote an article about China’s newest milestone: that it outspends Japan in research and development. It is expected IP protection and enforcement in China will profit most. Rightly so, because self interest is one of the best motivators. Read Abrams article here.