Acrobats Show The Way of Doing Business in China: Register IPRs and Join Competition (No Need To Be Contortionist Though)

You have to have courage when you come to China, the cradle of incredible acrobatics, and vie for attention for your own acrobatic performances. Cirque du Soleil lacks no self-confidence, meticulously prepared and is now ready for any competition. Nick Rockel wrote an article for Canada TV (CTV) how the world renowned Canadian performances company […]

Transitional Review Mechanism of China’s TRIPs Implementations Q&A Copyright Law

When China became the 143rd Member of the WTO on December 2001, it automatically entered into TRIPs, which is an integral part of the WTO Agreement. Upon accession to the WTO, China agreed (see Section 18 of the Protocol on the Accession of the People’s Republic of China WT/L/432) that the first eight years its […]