Africa Preferred Route Chinese Counterfeits To Europe

Thailand is the preferred route into Asia for counterfeit and pirated goods originating from China, read here. Now IP Dragon learned from Jeremy Phillips, known from the renowned IP Kat, but also contributor to the new blog Afro-IP who is quoting Christophe Zimmermanna, head of the Brussels-based World Customs Organisation’s counterfeiting and piracy unit, that […]

TRIPs Council: China Advocates Disclosure Requirement, is Against Making Enforcement A Permanent Agenda Issue

Bridges of ICTSD gives excellent weekly trade news digests about TRIPs etc. “At the 13 February meeting of the TRIPs Council, the group of developing countries — Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand, Tanzania, Ecuador and South Africa — that have tabled a draft article on disclosure (that requires patent applications to include […]