Guangdong Meiko Music and Video Co. Ltd. is sueing 50 alleged piracy companies

“We have filed altogether some 1,000 lawsuits on the Chinese mainland over piracy and won most of them,” said Zhong Yigang, the lawyer for Guangdong Meika. “In addition to getting consumers to pay attention to protection of intellectual property rights and buy copyrighted things, we also want to cover part of our losses in this […]

“Maintain Intellectual Property”

Photo: Quirine van Voorst. The road to hell is paved with good intentions: Picture was shot at the Shang Yang market where you, sweet irony, can buy all kinds of fakes.

Usual suspects at knockoff awards

China and Taiwan were prominently present at the Plagiarus’ knockoff awards 2005. See here.The deadline to apply for the 2006 edition is January 16th. Found via Bruce Nussbaum in BusinessWeek.

Small US businesses get free help with IP in China

Small and medium sized businesses in the US can get one hour of free help about how to protect their IP rights in China. The US Department of Commerce made this possible in partnership with the American Bar Association, the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Chamber of Commerce in China. Read more here.

Informal economy bad news for intellectual property protection

Dr Dinesh Moonshiram wrote in L’Express, a Mauritanian newspaper, a very informative article about the informal economy. His conclusion is that the disadvantages of the informal economy, such as the infringement of copyrights and other intellectual property rights outweigh the advantages such as job creation. “Leading research institutes like McKinsey have found that the informal […]

New patent reform China ready next year and special IPR court proposed by SIPO

Liu Weiling of the China Daily wrote that Chinese patent law, promulgated in 1985, was amended in 1992 and 2000, and will be reformed again. “The sections that are likely to be revised will include how to simplify patent application and examination procedures, whether to adopt international standards in granting patents, and how to improve […]

Controversial grading of Chinese WTO compliance to IPR protection

According to the Chinese Daily foreign companies give China after fours years decent marks for WTO compliance. But there are still complaints about “rampant violations of intellectual property rights”. The US Chamber of Commerce reported on this earlier. “The report said 70% of pirated goods seized at US borders in the first half of the […]

Overview of legal problems with IP enforcement

Photo Danny Friedmann Maria Trombly, Ziff Davis Internet and Bill Marcus interviewed Geoffrey Lin and Douglas Clark, attorneys of Lovells Shanghai. The result is a nice overview of some of the legal problems with IP enforcement in China. Read the article: Chinese legal system hinders IP protection efforts.

Intellectual Property Rights in China

Many non-Chinese companies want to profit from the Chinese economic boom. They either want to sell their products to the 1.3 billion Chinese consumers or use the low wages to produce them. Both ways companies can anticipate some IP challenges. They’ll meet the IP Dragon. About this fierce creature I will write this blog. A […]

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