Mice Love Rice Copyright Dispute Solved Yang Chengang, the composer of the song Mice Love Rice, must have thought that companies and singers are like mice and the assignment of the copyright of his song like rice. But instead of rice, which you can divide, he assigned the copyright five times. A lot of litigation […]

Wen Jiabao Is Becoming Poetic About China’s IPR protection effort: it will not be soft as bean curd

Wen Jiabao visited Helsinki, Finland for the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM). The full transcript of an interview with the Chinese premier was covered by The Times and published by The Australian. One question (question 4) was about IPR: What steps will you take to ensure that the world can be confident in China’s promises on […]

Nigerian Minister: Chinese Counterfeit Threaten Nigeria’s Textile Industry

African News Dimension wrote an article entitled: “China blamed for killing Nigerian economy”. The Nigerian commerce minister Aliyu Modibo displayed the original Nigerian Wax materials and faked Chinese samples presented to him by the leadership of the Association of Textile Manufacturers. “Modibo informed the [Nigerian] senators that textile manufacturers had complained that some unscrupulous Nigerians […]

“There is no Chinese telecoms company that does not infringe on some of Nokia’s patents”

Aaron Tan questioned whether China and other Asian countries warm up to intellectual property in an article for During the Global Forum on IP in Singapore the panel drew the conclusion that IPR are valued by Asian companies, albeit in the wrong way. Tan quoted Jari Vaario, director of IP rights strategy programme at […]

Exceptions to Copyright Right Infringement in China: Ringtones and Ringback Tones

Anna-Lucille Montgomery is a doctoral candidate and researcher at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia’s Creative Industries Research and Applications Center. She is writing Copyright, Creativity and Economic Development – Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries in Post-WTO China. Now she has just given a preview at Asia Times Online. She gives a great overview […]

How To Stop Unauthorised Use of Bruce Lee’s Name

The spirit of Bruce Lee is alive and kicking. After Bruce Lee’s untimely death, on July 20, 1973, there were no statutes erected in Hong Kong (there was only a Bruce Lee Café, run by Jon Ben, which had the authorisation of Lee’s family), nor in the People’s Republic of China, to commemorate this incredible […]

Did Infringe Microsoft’s Copyright?

Garry Wiseman project leader of Window Live Expo, a free classified service provided by Microsoft, blogged that has unauthorisedly copied parts of its old lay-out. However, recently Wiseman has withdrawn the posting, see here why. According to Big Mouth Media Wiseman wrote that:“The post above was mainly intended to raise the issue of cross-border […]

IP Dragon Nominated, Now You Can Vote

IP Dragon is honoured and humbled that it is nominated for best Asia Business/Economics Blog Q1 2006/2007 by the Asia Blog Awards. IP Dragon is a happily surprised, because it is focused on China, rather Asia, and although it has ground in common with business and economics it is formost about law, and not any […]


A Knowledge Expert Says (And A Journalist Quotes) The Darndest Things Waltraut Ritter, director of Knowledge Enterprises, spoke Wednesday at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Schusterman Center as part of the university’s Renaissance Project, an initiative to encourage discussion of modern issues and ideas. This year’s theme is “Science, Technology and Ethics.” According to Robert Evatt […]

What This Week’s Blogs Tell You About IPR in China

Friday, August 25 Saterday, August 26Internet, that sea of info gives and takes. To my regret Asia Business Law is no more. However Christopher Cassidy and Travis Hodgkins are continuing somewhere else, and Christopher Pitts and Jason Lohr might return, some day somewhere: Thank you for reading. Sunday, August 27 Monday, August 28Susan Scafidi has […]

Perkins Coie Shanghai Office Focuses On IPR, Business and Personal Planning

Yesterday you could read here that Thelen Reid & Priest opened an office in Shanghai. Now Perkins Coie is opening their second office in China. After Beijing it is opening an office in Shanghai, located within the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.Read the press release here. The Shanghai office will be staffed by two resident attorneys, […]

Chinese Counterfeiting: US ITC Investigates Zippo’s Complaint of Infringement of US Trademark

The US International Trade Commission is investigating a complaint by Zippo Manufacturing Co, Inc. of Bradford, Pennsylvania and Zippmark, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware. Complaint was filed May 16, 2006 under section 337 of the Tarif Act of 1930, as amended, 19 USC section 1997. A supplement to the complaint was filed on June 5, 2006. […]

Shanghai Creativity Index Surged, But What About IPR?

China is pushing innovation. It wants to move on from the ‘made in China’ phase to the ‘designed in China’ and ‘invented in China’ phase. To see if Shanghai is moving in the right direction it has developed a creativity index. China Daily wrote an article about it entitled Creating a Clever Country.“By combining industrial […]

Taiwan’s TSMC sues China’s SMIC in US for Trade Secrets

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSMC) has again filed a law suit against China’s SMIC for misapprobiating of trade secrets. The law suit will take place in the US. ““SMIC has violated an agreement with our company set in 2005 and continued to use our business secrets inappropriately,” TSMC said in the statement.“Therefore, the suit […]

Thelen Reid & Priest LLP Opens Up Shop in Shanghai

Thelen Reid & Priest LLP, attorneys at law for 80 years, announced the opening of an office in Shanghai. Read the press release here. Ms Utterback is resident at the Shanghai office: “Meg Utterback studied law at China People’s University in Beijing from 1985-1987 and speaks and reads Mandarin. Her practice is focused on assisting […]

Professor Zhang’s Presentation On China’s IP Laws Post WTO

Today, Professor Zhang Naigen of Fudan University put a very interesting presentation online on China’s IP Laws Post WTO: New Developments. He outlines a survey of recent changes in IP laws in China, new rules for well-known trademarks and new regulations for protection of IP by customs officials. Read professor Zhang’s presentation here.

“Wei2, IPR Hotline in China?”

“Wei2 (喂)? Is what you say in Chinese when you answer the phone. Liu Li reports for the China Daily that a nationwide reporting and complaining hotline (12312) was established yesterday, that should be an answer to IPR infringements. “[..] Yiwu has become the first county-level city in China to boast an IPR reporting and […]

Is IPR Protection in China Down Under?

Austrialian Manufacturing and China: Deepening Engagement is the title of the Australian Industry Group’s 2006 China study, which is based on a survey of 700 Austrailian manufacturers with a total sales of 25.5 billion Australian dollars. In chapter 6.2 Non-tariff on page 30, the relevant results can be found about the perception of the Australian […]

More IPR Litigation in China Is Nice, But What Is the Enforcement Ratio?

Tim Johnson, wrote an interesting article about IPR litigation that percentage wise is almost an all-Chinese affaire. Head tip to: China Business Services (a business consultancy in Beijing, Shanghai and London). Johnson has covered the travails of Foshan Rifeng and interviewed J. Benjamin Bai of Jones Day and Steven M. Dickenson of Harris & Moure […]

IPR Enforcement in China: Nothin’ but blue skies from now on?

China will launch new IP enforcement campaigns (“special actions”) with sunny names for 2006-2010, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) announced on August 22, see here. Testing 1, 2, 3, I mean Sunlight 1, 2, 3 … Sunlight 1: Action held in the first quarter of 2006 for a purpose of creating a sound market […]

Who’s Afraid Of the HK Movie Industry? Pay Or Get Sued

Taiwan’s China Post has an article about the Film Industry Response Group, a HK industry group that is clamping down on movie piracy, threatening to sue 42 illegal downloaders, which they can avoid by paying US $ 3,000 and never infringe their copyrights in the future. In May Hong Kong’s High Court ordered four Internet […]

Protectionism of TV Programmes Spurs Copyright Piracy: D’oh!

TransWorldNews wrote that Homer Simpson is persona non grata in Chinese prime time. The US TV series The Simpsons, of which Homer is one of the protagonists, is banned from Chinese TV (between 5-8 p.m.), not because Homer drinks too much beer, but because the series is, just as the British Teletubbies and Japanese animations, […]

What Is Good About Copyright Piracy in China?

Danwei published an interesting article of Beijing bureau chief of Red Herring Kaiser Kuo. Kuo is looking at the benefits of copyright infringement:“Piracy has provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for musicians and filmmakers, raising the bar significantly for them, and created larger and more discerning audiences.“ Exposure to western culture and values “will lead […]

1,400 Pirated Chinese Movies in Two Months Aired On Chinese TV Stations

According to the Chinese Movie Copyright Association, Chinese TV stations air up to 1,500 pirated Chinese movies a year, costing studios up to $9.4 million in lost revenues, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday. ““The number of movies illegally aired is startling – more than 100 in the first six months of the year, […]

IP Professor Attacks Philips’ Right To Collect Royalties For DVDs

Zhang Ping, a professor from the Intellectual Property Rights Institute of Peking University, has filed an argument against Philips, a member of the 3C DVD Patent Group. The 3C DVD Patent Group consists of Philips, Sony, Pioneer (that’s 3), but LG Electronics joined them, so in fact it is now 4C DVD Patent Group, read […]

Chinese Customs’ Stats Of First Half 2006

Yangtze Yan of Xinhua wrote about the General Administration of Customs (GAC) statistics over the first half of 2006. 1,076 cases of intellectual property rights were prosecuted; 39 million fakes were seized with a total value of more than 68 million yuan (8.5 million U.S. dollars); Guangzhou customs on May 24: seized 108,000 bottles of […]

Eight Years in China (Without Your Logo Getting Used)

Remember the blog on July 21 about a Marketplace Public Radio programme about a Chinese trademark squatter that wanted a ransom from the US Public Broadcasting Service? Read here. Well, in this radio programme (that is in audio and in written form) Jocelyn Ford interviewed Joseph Simone, lawyer of Baker & McKenzie in Hong Kong. […]

Local Authorities Role

Role Local Authorities Underexposed In Wilson’s Article Doug Wilson is trying to wake up America, in an article for First he writes about Foxconn, which is supposed to be China’s largest manufacturing plant, with 190.000 female workers. Then he writes about the work ethos they have. Wilson goes on quoting “a seasoned business professor […]

Chinese Counterfeit Downunder

Australia’s Challenges With Chinese Counterfeit Imports Dan Harrison (not to be confused with Dan Harris of China Law Blog) wrote for The Age an article about counterfeit imports that plague Australia. Australian Customs is doing a fine job. But according to Stephen Stern, the intellectual property practice group leader at Corrs Chambers Westgarth Australia’s intellectal […]


Zinedine Zidane Head-Butted By Trademark?“Zhao Xiaokai, general manager of a sport-related company, paid 2,000 yuan ($250) to register the trademark — a silhouette of Zidane head-butting Italy defender Marco Materazzi’s chest — for shoes, hats and beer products, the Beijing Daily said.“ Now Zhao is inviting bids of one million yuan for the rights to […]

Digital Media Exchange

Is Harvard’s Digital Media Exchange The Solution To Online Piracy In China? Kristin Eliasberg wrote the interesting article ‘Digital pathways to Asia’ for the Havard Law bulletin. He’s focusing on the research of the Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society on the Chinese infringements of copyright and censorship. Professor William Alford’s book […]

China Bans Uploading And Downloading Of Pirated Content

In many countries only the uploading of unauthorised copyrighted content is banned. As of July 1, 2006, the Protection of the Right of Communication through the Network is effective which bans both up- and downloading of pirated content. The People’s Daily Online quotes Yan Xiaohong, deputy chief of the National Copyright Administration (Chinese), saying China […]

China In A Hurry To Get Chinese Technology Standards

In March Oong Boon Kiat wrote that China is pushing for its own RFID standard in order to get its own intellectual property rights, see here. The Chinese RFID standard was expected to be ready in 2008. Now Mike Clendenin wrote for Electronic Engineering Times that China’s standard might be implemented in 2007. China seems […]

How To Avoid Buying Counterfeit Electronic Components

Christos Papakyriacou, managing director of independent electronic distributor Alpha Micro Components, has some advice on how to avoid purchasing counterfeit electronic componnents. His first advice: “Try to avoid buying from China, unless it is from a trusted source, it’s our experience that this is where a lot of the counterfeit components originate from. In many […]

2005: 78 Percent Rise of IPR Litigation Involving Foreign Companies

Wang Zhenghua wrote for the China Daily about a seminar organised by WIPO, SIPO and the Hunan provincial governement. “In 2005, there were 268 civil IPR disputes related to foreign companies, mainly in such sectors as automobiles, motorcycles, pharmacy, computer software, books and audio-visual products. This was a jump of 78 per cent over 2004.“ […]

CCTV Needs IPR As Protection Not Condom

Zhong Yang Yi Tao (CCTV Channel One), means also “central number one sheath”. Li Zhenyong, wanted to make use of this sexual connotation and applied last January to register the name as trademark for condoms. Interfax China wrote: “An official from CCTV expressed surprise at the application, but whether CCTV will take legal action to […]

IPR Enforcement in China: Keep On Rollin’

Heeling Sport’s strenuous efforts to enforce its patent and trademark of Heelys (shoes with embedded wheels) in China was covered by Katherine Yung of the Dallas Morning Post and published by York Weekly. Michael Staffaroni CEO of Heeling was disappointed that the administrative authorities did not forward the case to the police for prosecution. “According […]

Japan’s Plan: 16 States Cooperating To Protect IPR

Jiji press reported about Japan’s plan to start economic partnership agreements between 16 Asian and Pacific nations to build an economic bloc with a population over 3 billion people and to improve intellectual property protection. Member states should be:Japan, India, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, […]


Austria’s Innovative ‘Innovationsschutzprogramm’ For Patents Will Become Reality Hannes Farnleitner, former federal Minister of Economic Affairs ofAustria said something remarkable in 2005: “We have an international patent documentation office in Vienna. And it is absolutely normal that a very vivid Chinese thinker says if they have no patents inChina let’s copy it. [..] we get […]

Quoting US ITA’s Lavin On China: Yin and Yang Emphasised

Today, the People’s Daily Online put the optimistic title ‘IPR Moves Impress US Official’ above an article about a visit of US Under Secretary for International Trade Franklin L. Lavin to China. “Referring to counterfeiting in China, Lavin told reporters in the motor shop on Saturday that the Chinese Government is taking many effective measures […]

MPA’s China Raids Don’t Yield Any Disc Burners Nor Arrests

The Motion Picture Association has finished an Asia-wide campaign against movie piracy. Results: China: 405 raids; 1,961, 255 pirated optical discs seized Hong Kong: 119 raids; 90 DVD-R burners seized; 56 people arrested Taiwan: 483 optical disc burners seized; 369,117 pirated optical discs seized; 97 people arrested. Remarkable is that in China no disc burners […]

China’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Measures

Mondaq’s newsletter has a brief article by Angela Wang & Co. (sollicitors, agents for trademarks) about the new Domain Name Dispute Resolution Measures which came into effect on 17 March 2006. Read here (free subscription required). It’s my humble opinion that everybody that blogs, comments and writes articles about Intellectual Property Rights in China should […]

1-0 for the Chinese Pirates of the Xbox 360 Games

Games site Gamasutra went to Shanghai’s ChinaJoy game exhibition and saw that pirated Xbox 360 titles are widespread. Microsoft is denying that “the core security system has not been broken.” See Redwood’s official response here and Gamasutra’s article here.

4 Chinese of MIP’s 50 Most Influential People

Managing IP Magazine (July 10) had nominated four Chinese as most influentual in the field of IPR. Ms. Wu Yi (Vice Premier); Mr. Tian Lipu (Commissioner of SIPO); Mr. Zheng Chengsi (professor at the Law Institute of China Academy of Social Sciences); Mr. Zhang Wei an (senior legal adviser on IP of General Electric Asia) […]

Chinese Counterfeiting Addressed By US House Subcommittees

Two subcommittees (on Rural Enterprises, Agriculture and Technology and on Tax, Finance and Exports) on the House of Reprentatives have held a joint meeting in the U.S. Congress to consider whether China is enforcing its laws on intellectual property rights (IPR). Testimonies were held by Mr. Tom Goodpasture, president of Pride Manufacturing Co., Inc.Liberty, MO; […]

SIPO: Pan’s Pen Patented

A retired teacher, called Pan, from Huzhou, Zhejiang Province has invented a pen to beat short sightedness. Read China Daily’s article here.

Chinese Trademark Squatter Wants Ransom From PBS

Jocelyn Ford of Marketplace Public Radio reports about a Chinese Trademark squatter, a lawyer called Hou Songlin, who registered the PBS logo, never mind that PBS is an American non-profit organization facing budget cuts from US Congress. Trademark lawyer Joe Simone of Baker & McKenzie was interviewed:““Every week there’s numerous, obvious examples of piracy. On […]


Reason New censorship for Karaoke: IPR Protection or … Censorship? Mike Magnier wrote a funny article ‘China’s Karaoke Police Have a Request: Do It Mao’s Way‘ for the LA Times, about China’s Ministry of Culture which issued new rules to prevent “unhealthy” songs and must help safeguard IPR. A system whereby karaoke bars will choose […]

Warner Bros.’s China Movie Takes Head Start In Race With Pirates

Yahoo run with a Reuters article about Warner Bros. new low budget China filmmaking joint venture “Crazy Stone,” released in cinemas on June 30, then followed with a DVD version selling for as little as 10 yuan ($1.25) just 12 days later. Tony Vaughan, managing director for CAV Warner Home Entertainment Co., an Warner joint […]

New Think Tank: HK Platform For Technology Transfer And IPR Trading

Hong Kong has a new think tank: Savantas Policy Institute. Regina Ip, who was the former HK Secretary of Security, is now chairwoman of the board of governors of Savantas (Yahoo Actualités). According to Savantas, HK can be China’s platform for technology transfer and intellectual property rights trading. Savantas Policy Institute is a think tank […]

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