China’s NCA: Authorized Copyrighted Works on Video Sharing Sites Average 76 Percent

“China’s National Copyright Administration (NCA) recently announced that on average, only 76 percent of the movies and TV series on the country’s 18 major video-sharingwebsites are authorized copyrighted works“,  wrote Lu Yanxia of Beijing Daily, edited and translated by Yao Chun of People’s Daily Online here. The top 5 most popular video sites in China are, […]

Video Copyright Enforcement/Anti-Piracy in China Comes of Age

Andy Greenberg wrote two great articles for Forbes about video copyright piracy in China. In ‘Video Piracy’s China Syndrome‘ he writes that “[a]ccording to date from copyright-fingerprinting start-up Vobile, the number of copyright-infringing videos on some Chinese sites like Ku6 and Youku has jumped more than six-fold between September 2007 and September 2008 [..]” In […]

IPR Officials Say The Darndest Things: Progress in Collecting Karaoke Copyright Royalties

Yan Liang of Xinhua News reports that “nearly half of the Chinese provinces have taken initiatives to collect karaoke copyright royalties by the end of 2007 in an effort to protect intellectual property rights (IPR) in audio and video sectors.“ “An official with the country’s IPR protection group echoed Liu, saying that the move marked […]

Japanese Video: Overview IP in China

Not in the mood for reading, but you want to get an overview of IP in China? Watch the following Japanese news item with an English voice-over about IP in China here.