How To Transform The Image of Chinese Brands? Hint … It’s Not Product Placements

Product Placements  Some movies have become a series of commercials with a story line. Thanks to the lucrative business of product placements. Transformers (变形金刚) 3 which opened in cinemas in China on July 21, 2011 shows an abundance of Chinese brands: Yili: Shuhua Milk Meters/bonwe: M-Tee Lenovo: Ideacentre A series TCL (The Creative Life): HDTV range […]

Protect Or Destroy: Pick Your Choice in Transformers’ IPR

Mr John Neff of the Autoblog is ranting against China’s car advertisments that use cars transforming into robots and vice versa. His article’s title is: “Chinese automakers copy everything else, why not the Transformers”, read more here. One should distinguish the Transformers toys and cartoons of Hasbro and the movie the Transformers made by Michael […]