Free Trade Agreement Between Costa Rica and China

Professor Aurelio López-Tarruella Martinez of the University of Alicante makes us aware via IP Tango that on August 1, 2011, two Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) entered into force: between Peru and Korea and between Costa Rica and China. Let’s focus on the latter.Professor López-Tarruella Martinez writes: “The FTA between Costa Rica and China includes specific provisions on generic […]

Green Gold Rush: The Interview, The Movie

Laurent Gaberell told me that he made a video documentary called Green Gold Rush about bioprospecting (the exploration of biodiversity for commercially valuable genetic and bio-chemical resources) and indigenous peoples. See the video here. The InterviewIP Dragon: Is traditional knowledge what the developed world wanted to give (as some would say “small change”) to the […]

How to Protect Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Recently I have been corresponding about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and which intellectual property rights (IPR) can protect them. I just read Mr or Ms Jia’s interesting paper on TCM (Jia Q., The World Health Organization, ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine Could Make “Health for One” [Come] True’, 2006) which includes a very interesting chapter on intellectual […]

Guizhou Province Drafts Regulation to Protect Traditional Knowledge

Pliny Han of Xinhua reports: “Legislators in southwest China’s Guizhou Province are mulling a regulation aimed at protecting property rights for traditional knowledge, especially knowledge relating to biological resources, said sources with the provincial bureau of intellectual property right.” Read more here.

Medicine For Protection of Traditional Knowledge Is Patience

Yan Liang of Xinhua Online wrote the article: Greater international co-operation called for traditional knowledge IP protection. It’s about the interregional seminar of the intergovernmental committee on Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources and Traditional Cultural Expressions/Folklore (IGC), in Zhenghzou, organised by Wang Binying, WIPO’s Assistant Director General. Unfortunately, the results of the seminar were meagre. ““A […]