From Virtual Reality Stories to Real Stores: The Dream Collector is Collecting IP

One of the Venice Film Festival finalists in the newly created Virtual Reality (VR) section, the 12-minutes film The Dream Collector 拾梦老人  (literally “pick up the dream old man”), was featured in China Film Insider (a must follow for the film buffs) by Timmy Shen.


VR movies are made to watch with a VR headset, in Beijing there is already a VR cinema. Since at this moment in time VR headsets are just beginning to be picked up in the market, the maker of the movie, Pinta Studios, realises the importance of IP commercialization. The protaganists of the movie, are a man and a dog. The cuteness of the VR canine is especially suitable to be IP mined via merchandising. Therefore Pinta Studios negotiating IP licenses with manufacturers that sell their products via Taobao (which is also infamous for its counterfeit products).


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