Madrid, A Bit Chilly For China’s International Trademark Filings

China’s international trademark filings under World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)’s Madrid System for the Registration of Marks decreased from 1,585 in 2008 to 1,358 in 2009 (-14.3 percent). China is still the most designated country, with 14.766 in 2009, which was a drop of 17.2 percent from 17,829 in 2008. According to the State Administration […]

China Most Designated As Country in International Trademark Applications

WIPO has a press release about the number of applications using the Madrid System for the Registration of Marks. Over 2007 China ranks number 8 in international trademark applications: 2003 472 2004 1,015 2005 1,334 2006 1,328 2007 1,444 China’s international trademark applications were 3.6% of the the applications by all countries; China’s number of […]